Privatizing Our Space Industry

It would appear that the Spaceship one team is ready to begin their attempt at the X-Prize. All I can say is "God Speed"!

We really should consier privatizing our space industry. Private industry has brought us most of the innovations since the dawn of time. Governments on the other hand were designed to govern, not explore outer space! I mean our government can't hardly even deal with distributing charity for chrissakes! What makes you think that they're efforts in space exploration are going to be any better?

You see, when ol' T.J. & Co. designed this thing we call our government, they went about making it purposedly inefficient. This inefficiency was called "checks and balances". While I whole-heartedly agree with Thomas Jefferson that the government's path to imposing laws on the citizenry should be impeded to dissaude undue haste, I also understand that it makes the system unsuited for the support of other pursuits.

You see folks, there needs to be a certain amount of alacrity applied to getting off this ball of mud. This planet contains a finite set of resources. Once those are used, the only other place to acquire more is from other planets. Consequently, if we are not in a place where we can havest those other-worldly resources by the time ours have run out. We're done for.
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