Where are you now?

Recent events have me utterly puzzled.  In the last few weeks the following has occurred... 

In Egypt the secular military has unseated the muslim brotherhood backed president because he asserted himself as a tyrant and condoned attacks against Coptic Christians.  The military has cracked down on the muslim brotherhood and has been working on putting down their violent protests in the streets.  Our president has come out on the side of the muslim brotherhood - a group FIRMLY connected to al Qaeda.  They are a group who seeks to install sharia as the governing system in Egypt.  They are also the group that spawned Ayman al Zawahiri, the current global leader of al Qaeda.

In Syria, it is claimed that a chemical weapons attack has occurred.  There has been strong evidence that one three separate instances in the past, these attacks have been staged by the al Qaeda forces opposing the Assad regime.  Again, Obama has come out on the side of al Qaeda.

John Kerry stood in front of a camera citing this dubious evidence of WMD use as the justification to attack a foreign country.  Military planners are preparing plans to carry out the president's threat to attack and we've been told to expect actions "sooner rather than later".

When George W. Bush sent his secretaries out to justify an attack on a foreign country using the specter of WMD's, liberals lined up to scream foul, yet they are now absolutely silent now.  Where are they now?  Have they lost their voice?  Clearly their convictions are based solely upon the party affiliation held by the occupant of the white house.

I told them then and I'll reiterate it now - the time to speak is BEFORE American blood is spilled because once it is, we must support our sons and daughters deployed into harm's way.

I'm speaking now.  So should you.

Where are you?  If your outrage was indeed truthful then the fact that Obama is a democrat should not alter your convictions. 

George W. Bush sought and received Congressional sanction for his actions in Iraq.  That was not enough for you.  Obama seeks no such sanction, as he has done many times before, he has decided to rule by fiat.  Yet that yields no ire from you?

The formula is so simple,  The situation is so clear and easy to adjudicate.  In Syria a tyrant who hates America and wants to kill Americans (in fact he already has killed quite a few) is killing people who hate America and want to kill Americans (and in fact they too have already killed quite a few).  Are you gullible enough to believe that if we help one side or the other that they will hate us less?  Their hatred is based solely on the fact that we are not muslims and until that changes (and we have to be the right "flavor" of muslims BTW) we will remain hated.  No all it will do is further inflame the other side against us.

We are handing these people weapons.  Congressional testimony has shown that the attack in Benghazi in fact was fueled by the local al Qaeda group's (Al Qaeda in the islamic Maghreb) desire to acquire hundreds of man-portable surface to air missiles that the Obama administration had collected from Qaddafi's left-over stockpiles and intended to funnel to the al Qaeda elements fighting in Syria.  It appears al Qaeda didn't like the price Obama was asking and simply took the weapons.  That's the secret he was hiding during the election by the way, the fact that he'd lost HUNDREDS of missiles that can take an airliner out of the air far easier than they can engage a combat aircraft that has counter measures against such weapons.

How does that work?  Obama wants al Qaeda to have weapons, MILITARY weapons.  He sends weapons to murderous Mexican drug gangs - MILITARY weapons but he doesn't want law abiding American citizens to have weapons that just LOOK LIKE military weapons?  On this point the anti-weapon left is also silent.

What do you think will happen to these weapons once al Qaeda is done using them against Assad?  Do you think perhaps they will glibly hand them back to Obama?

I am left to ask  "Where are they now?"  Where are the vocal anti-war protesters? Where's hideous old Cindy Sheehan and Code Pink?  Obviously they're just against Republican wars,  Where are YOU?  Where is your moral outrage at the very same transgressions that inflamed it just a few years ago?  Shame on you and shame on your feigned outrage.

My friends let me reiterate the situation.  There are people who hate us and want to kill us and have killed us killing EACH OTHER.  The only LOGICAL response is to do nothing but pray for a VERY high body count!  STAY OUT OF IT!  It is not worth a single drop of precious American blood or a single slim dime of treasure to prevent it.  In fact that would be counter productive.

Obama, why do you back militant Islamists and al Qaeda endangering your own people?

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Perspective for Superbowl Sunday

On this day when a sport takes front and center attention of the American people, take a moment to think of Chris Kyle, a true American hero.  Chris Kyle was a SEAL team 6 member that routinely dropped targets over a mile away and scored over 150 sniper kills during his military career.  He was wounded twice during his 4 deployments.  Insurgents in Ramadi Iraq named the man, "the devil" because of his effectiveness and put a price on his head.  This is a man that decked Jessie Ventura for besmirching the memory of a fallen fellow SEAL.  Chris was killed at a shooting range in Texas.  Like every true hero Chris didn't think he'd served his country enough.  He was at an event that was a fund raiser for a Marine suffering from PTSD.  The story is still evolving, but Chris and another man were shot in the back on the range by that marine.  So while you're cheering for you favorite team today, take a moment to remember that those guys on that football field aren't really heroes.  They are fun to watch, sure, but true heroes are paid far less and face far greater dangers than hard tackles.

Rest in peace Chris.

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Hypothetically Thinking

A friend and I were discussing the far-reaching desires the left has been tossing out in regards to gun control lately. The friend then suggested that if Diane Feinstein's over-reaching proposition (it really is shameless how they'll exploit a tragedy for every last thing they can get.) were passed, that it would result in new civil war.

That got me to thinking.  If there were such a hypothetical uprising, the split would fall very much along political lines. It would be left versus right. Now, if we start protracting demographics, where do those folks live? Well the leftists live primarily in dense urban areas and the right lives predominantly in the rural areas. Sure there's your odd outliers, but by and large that's how it breaks down.

During the civil war it broke down very much along those same lines... The agrarian south versus the industrialized north. The industrialization of the north is primarily what allowed the north prevail. They were able to crank out more cannon and rifles. Now however comes the big but... (...and this is where those who claim the Civil War as a corollary are incorrect) If we compare things from now to then the division urban to rural is far more stark.

A modern city requires a far larger expanse of rural land to provide the food, power and water to support it than a Victorian era city. The majority of that land is presumably (based upon the prior assumption of demographics) populated with their rural "enemies".

So then by extension we'd have large numbers of pampered urban leftists who can no longer drive down to the local Whole Foods to buy their arugula and tofu and stop at Starbucks for a Joe, suddenly being forced to eat their cats in darkness and wash it down with a few drops of water scavenged from the toilet tank (or worse).

During the civil war, there were enough rural areas encompassed in the north to support the population of urban areas (although not without some noticeable hardship), but the cities these days have grown far larger and far more densely populated and therefore they require a likewise far larger supporting rural area.

These facts are something our smug, elitist, urban brethren have not thought about when they point their manicured finger at us in derision and snidely call us "rednecks" who live in "fly-over country" in that signature, liberal nasal whine.

We've already seen how adverse to hardship these people are. In WWII we lost well over 10,000 men on a single day (June 6th '44) and still we stood fast and fought on. In Iraq, we hadn't hardly lost a dozen fighting men before they were screeching "retreat!!!". Rural folk just tend to be far more hearty by nature. We farm and hunt and fish...

So how much deprivation do you think it will take for them to cry uncle? Or am I thoroughly off base with my assessment of the hypothetical situation?

Oh and one final point which I forgot. The bulk of that industrialization that existed in the urban areas during the Civil War that facilitated the north's victory... Well that's been all shipped overseas to China or other such low cost labor areas and they are unlikely to extend more credit to a disintegrating United States.

I'd be interested in hearing your theories an speculation about such a hypothetical uprising.

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Read at your own risk...

If you want to have a good laugh (if you're not a prissy, pansy-pantsed liberal that is). Take a spin on over here and read the prescient tale of a shovel becoming an "assault rifle". Some may choose to hammer their swords into plowshares, but Boris, he hammers his shovels into an AKs.
Dasvidaniya (до свидания)

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Carney on the Leaks of Classified Info

It amazes me that when a Republic administration leaked the identity of a CIA desk jockey (a leak that jeopardized NO ONE's safety), the libs were out for blood!  -BUT- When a liberal administration is leakier than a sieve and does in fact jeopardize life and limb, all you hear is crickets. It just proved that their convictions are based on nothing more than partisanship.

When asked about it, Jay Carney, Obama's press secretary, said that it was "preposterous to suggest" that the White House was involved in the leaks

When I heard that it reminded me of someone else from a few years back...

But then again he always reminds me of ol' Baghdad Bob.

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Today's Eclipse

I spent a little time today photographing the eclipse.  I then stitched the images together into an animated GIF.  Here is the result:



Damn I Miss This Man!

Those words are every bit as true today as when they were first uttered. Sure some of the names may have changed, but the principle is still every bit as sound. Whoever put this together, thank you!

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The Other 1% The Left Won't Tell You About


News Round Up - 2/28/12

This entire article is of course composed in such a way as to ridicule this legislator's proposition. At what point in our history did it become ignorant or silly to prepare for inevitable calamity? Somehow it is now in vogue to blunder your way through life ill-prepared for whatever may occur and then when calamity does rear its ugly head, we whine and complain that the government should provide for our every need. If more people would have thought this way during Katrina the death toll would have been far lower... but no, we'll just sit in our homes as the water rises and blame the government for our own laziness.

The CDC has suggested that Americans should prepare for a zombie apocalypse... Of course they were not intending to insinuate that there actually will be a "zombie apocalypse", but rather if you were prepared for such a fictitious catastrophe you'd be well prepared for any catastrophe that might come your way.

I personally have been through 4 hurricanes (including Katrina), 2 earthquakes, a tornado and a riot. My preparations served me well in each and every one of those calamities. It allowed me to live through them in relative comfort, feed myself and my family and defend ourselves. Ridicule me and those like me all you want. We'll be the ones eating, surviving and laughing last.

Liberals of course decry this man's ideas as fear mongering, but "global warming", that's of course real science.

This reveals more liberal deceitfulness and dishonesty. Originally a post was made to the internet supposedly showing that an evil banker paid a waitress a 1% tip for a $133 meal bill and scrawled the appellation "get a real job" on the credit card receipt. This was being used to bolster the whole Occupy movement 1% vs. the 99% class warfare scam. Of course now the restaurant has released the real receipt showing that it was all photo shopped an falsified. This is how these people operate and these are the tactics they are gearing up to use against Mitt Romney. That is precisely why we should throw them a right hook and nominate Rick Santorum.

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The Ohio School Shooting

I don't understand how we've come so far from what America used to be. When I was a kid in middle school, we took our rifles to school to take the hunter safety course and NO ONE thought anything of it. In high school it was not unusual to see rifles hanging in the gun racks in students' trucks. There wasn't all of this gun violence on the campus, so obviously the guns aren't to blame... The modern mindset is what makes a child think that he should do such things, or it would have been happening EVERYWHERE when I was in school.

For all of you liberal ding-dongs using this tragedy as a cause-celeb, clamoring for more gun control laws... There's already gun control laws in place... Kids under 21 may not possess pistols per federal law. It is already illegal to carry firearms on school grounds. It is also illegal to sell a pistol to a minor. Do you see how well those laws worked? This is a societal issue surrounding what's wrong with our kids, not an issue of needing to add more useless laws. We already have too many laws that don't work! Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. The laws failed, will continue to fail and can not solve this. Obviously laws are not the answer. Something needs to change in the hearts and minds of our children to prevent this. Something has changed in the hearts and minds of our youth that makes such violence more prevalent. Perhaps we should go back to what was working when I was a child.

I'll bet Michael Moore wasted no time rolling the Fat Mobile out of the Fat Cave the second he heard this on the news broadcast!

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Yeah Right!!!!

Liberals continually tell us that requiring people to show picture ID at the ballot box would disenfranchise poor voters. Besides, they continue, "there is no voter fraud in the United States". We'll ignore the fact that there are democrats serving time right now for voter fraud and yet others standing trial... But add to that the fact that a recent study found the one-eighth of all voter registrations are flawed... Wrong addresses, dead people or even people registered to vote in multiple states. So if you are daft enough to believe that there is no voter fraud or intentions to commit voter fraud you are absolutely delusional.

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Big Brother

Congress passed a bill, the FAA re-authorization act, and Obama has signed it into law. On its face that seems innocuous, but the law instructs the FAA to develop plans to allow for the operation of 32,000 drone aircraft in the skies over the United States. The same kind of remotely piloted aircraft that has been used to covertly observe and rain Hellfire missiles onto the heads of islamic terrorists around the world. To put this in perspective; on 9/11 only about 4,000 aircraft of all kinds (commercial, private and cargo) needed to be grounded. For some reason, the United States government foresees the need to fly eight times that many covert surveillance aircraft in our "friendly" skies as were in the air on 9/11. Inquiring minds wish to know, to what end?

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A Mammoth? Really?

A government employed engineer working in Siberia claims to have shot this video purportedly of a mammoth crossing a river. I make no claims as to the veracity of the video. Would it be cool though if they did locate an isolated vestigial population of wooly mammoths?

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News Round Up - 02/09/2012

Why do today's "teachers" (and I use that term VERY loosely) insist on not being held to any kind of standards? Even a pimple faced kid flipping burgers at McDonald's is held to standards, but teachers for some reason feel they are above all of that. We have spent and spent until we are blue in the face trying to better our children's education. We spend more that every other nation (except Switzerland) and yet our results are lack-luster at best. Yet every time you mention the poor performance, money is brought up. Teachers of course like to point the finger everywhere except where it should be pointed... at the person who is paid to do the job of educating our kids. I am sick and tired of having to un-teach some bogus thing my children have been taught at their so-called places of learning. You would think that an English teacher would know simple things like the difference between "who's" and "whose" or "to" and "too". It's shameful.

It is time to give women absolute equality. Allow them to serve in all MOS'es (military occupational specialty) BUT require them to meet the same physical standards the men do in those positions. That my friends is equality. In the end with the abolishment of don't-ask/don't-tell the "sexual tension" argument has gone right out the window since it is now conceivable for that same tension to exist between soldiers of the same gender. The physical requirements however do not change based upon the soldier's gender and for that reason they should be static and blind to gender. The Israeli army has had this very same scheme in place for nearly as long as Israel has been a nation and it has functioned flawlessly there.

I just don't understand this. Let's leave Obama's blatant disregard for people's first amendment rights to freedom of religion aside and address this from another point of view. Why are we providing FREE birth control to women? There is no such thing as free you know? Someone has to pay for it. So they are forcing someone else (usually people like me) to pay for a woman's ability to have worry-free, recreational sex. Riding motorcycle is a recreational activity that I enjoy, but I don't expect anyone else to pay for my protective equipment to engage in it. Why are liberals so fixated on sex. They always haughtily claim to be the intelligent, educated ones and yet their chief pursuit is nothing more than base sex. The other day there was an article that claimed that conservatives have the best sex and liberals claim to have the most. perhaps if sex were more satisfying for them, they wouldn't feel the urge to pursue it so hard... Of course that would entail them converting to conservatism and we all know that they aren't smart enough to do that.

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News Round Up 02/08/2012

Article: Hidden Secrets of Majestic Nebula Revealed in New Photo

We conservatives just need to say no to Romney. Every time we fall into this trap where we think we need to run moderates to make independents vote for our candidate and it just isn't true. The last time we ran a true conservative, he won every state except one and the District of Columbia. He was so popular that democrats left their party in droves to vote for him... Those democrats were such a thorn in the side of the left that they are still reviled today. If a liberal wants to call you something nasty, they'll call you what those folks were called... "Neo-Cons". Let's not fall into that trap this year. Santorum is the most consistently conservative candidate that we have in the pack that's running. Let's send him and not the guy who falls DIRECTLY into 99% vs 1% trap that Obama has been building since he believed that we would send Romney out to play. Let's make Obama scramble to find a new tactic. Let's reignite America like we did when we chose Ronald Reagan to be our candidate.

Just the other day we had a huge ticker tape parade for a sports team... How have our priorities become so perverted?

Article: Pregnant Teen Shoots Intruder Through Doggie Door

Score another point for the second amendment. You know all those statistics that liberals like to toss around about the number of gun related deaths actually contain these sort of people; criminals breaking into people's homes who deserve to be shot. There's no way to prove how many lives are saved each year by these sorts of self-defense actions. Well heck, if the liberals can claim jobs "created or saved"... why can't we use that same sort of "logic" when discussing gun violence?

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