Perspective for Superbowl Sunday

On this day when a sport takes front and center attention of the American people, take a moment to think of Chris Kyle, a true American hero.  Chris Kyle was a SEAL team 6 member that routinely dropped targets over a mile away and scored over 150 sniper kills during his military career.  He was wounded twice during his 4 deployments.  Insurgents in Ramadi Iraq named the man, "the devil" because of his effectiveness and put a price on his head.  This is a man that decked Jessie Ventura for besmirching the memory of a fallen fellow SEAL.  Chris was killed at a shooting range in Texas.  Like every true hero Chris didn't think he'd served his country enough.  He was at an event that was a fund raiser for a Marine suffering from PTSD.  The story is still evolving, but Chris and another man were shot in the back on the range by that marine.  So while you're cheering for you favorite team today, take a moment to remember that those guys on that football field aren't really heroes.  They are fun to watch, sure, but true heroes are paid far less and face far greater dangers than hard tackles.

Rest in peace Chris.

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Blogger Toyota_Crawler said...

I truly believe the Marine shithead that murdered Chris and Chad, was paid off by the Iraqi insurgents to kill him. To this day even after his trial, there has been no hard motive proven as to why he did it.

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