The Ohio School Shooting

I don't understand how we've come so far from what America used to be. When I was a kid in middle school, we took our rifles to school to take the hunter safety course and NO ONE thought anything of it. In high school it was not unusual to see rifles hanging in the gun racks in students' trucks. There wasn't all of this gun violence on the campus, so obviously the guns aren't to blame... The modern mindset is what makes a child think that he should do such things, or it would have been happening EVERYWHERE when I was in school.

For all of you liberal ding-dongs using this tragedy as a cause-celeb, clamoring for more gun control laws... There's already gun control laws in place... Kids under 21 may not possess pistols per federal law. It is already illegal to carry firearms on school grounds. It is also illegal to sell a pistol to a minor. Do you see how well those laws worked? This is a societal issue surrounding what's wrong with our kids, not an issue of needing to add more useless laws. We already have too many laws that don't work! Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. The laws failed, will continue to fail and can not solve this. Obviously laws are not the answer. Something needs to change in the hearts and minds of our children to prevent this. Something has changed in the hearts and minds of our youth that makes such violence more prevalent. Perhaps we should go back to what was working when I was a child.

I'll bet Michael Moore wasted no time rolling the Fat Mobile out of the Fat Cave the second he heard this on the news broadcast!

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