Fast and Furious

Article: Holder’s No. 2 in 2009: Gunwalking, Fast and Furious a ‘terrific idea’

In 2008 representatives of this administration were out claiming that 90% of the guns that were involved in Mexican drug gang violence came from the US. That then was definitively shown to be nothing more than a bold faced lie and distortion of the facts. In fact, it was only 90% of the guns that the Mexican authorities suspected came from the US and therefore had asked to have a trace done on... From those is was found that 90% had come from the US. The Mexican authorities themselves have reported that the vastest number of Mexican drug violence guns came from other Central and South American nations.

This fact did not support the narrative that the Obama administration was attempting to weave as a reason to pass new gun control legislation. So suddenly the administration approves a plan to flood the Mexican market with literally thousands of American firearms. Mere coincidence?

Clearly the released e-mail evidence shows that this goes far upwards into the administration (Breuer is only one person, removed from Obama himself. That one person being Holder). Holder is of course sitting on the most damning evidence until after the election or even longer in order to protect himself from prosecution.

If you read the released e-mail mentioned in the article it states, "We think this is a terrific idea..." Who's "we" does Breuer have a mouse in his pocket or is he speaking for himself and Holder -or even - himself, Holder and Obama?

When all of this finally sees the light of day (if we're lucky enough to ever see the bottom of it), you will see that this was indeed nothing more than an effort to skew the numbers of American weapons involved in Mexican drug gang violence in order to bolster the demand for new gun control laws. This administration is unconcerned with the innocent lives lost along the way because to them, the ends always justify the means.

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