All for One and One for All

Well it seems that Newt Gingrich managed to beat "Mr. Inevitable" in South Carolina last night by a hefty 25% points! That brings us to the curious situation where all of the remaining candidates (the serious ones at least) have won one state. Santorum won Iowa. Romney won Vermont and Gingrich won South Carolina.

Now we move on into Florida. All of the normal media outlets are of course prognosticating that Romney will take Florida. Personally I think that Gingrich will see a hefty bounce off of his decisive win over Romney in the Palmetto state.

If I were asked I'd still have to admit, that from the remaining pool of candidates, Santorum is the most appealing to me. He's the one that brings the least amount of baggage into the race.

Beyond Speaker Gingrich's tempestuous marital history, he is still weighed down by the results of an ethics investigation that cost him his speaker-ship. Nancy Pelosi has already threatened to release the details of that investigation. Doing so would cost her her job in the House, but I'm sure if it looked like Obama was headed for a loss against Mr. Gingrich that she'd happily fall on that sword for the "good" of her party.

Romney on the other hand has his own issues. He is not well loved by his base. Most of us know that he is just telling us what he thinks we want to hear. Then there's the issue of his tax returns and his maladroit handling of the demands that he release them. Obama has set this election up like it or not to be a contest between him and the senate, framed in the color of the "99%" versus the "1%" and Romney is certainly a card carrying member of the "1%". That is why the left and the mainstream media is pushing so hard for him to be our candidate. Their tactics have been expressly designed to target Romney and even under the mild fire of fellow conservatives on this front, he's shown himself to be less than prepared to weather that fire.

Now moving on a tangent from that topic...

We are going to need to help to derail the president's plan to shift the attention away from his own abysmal performance onto the Congress. We Tea Partiers sent our representatives to the House to thwart Obama's efforts to "fundamentally change" this country. We sent them there and then we sat back down in our easy chairs while they did our bidding and lapsed back into our staunch, traditional, conservative silence allowing them to flutter in the breeze. We need to cover their six! They're doing as much of what we asked them to do as is humanly possible in light of the circumstances.

We need to also defuse this whole 99% vs. 1%, class envy garbage that the democrats have artificially injected into this race. EVERYWHERE that an "Occupy" movement crops up, we Tea Partiers in the area should gather to counter protest. We should allow America to see that the Occupy Movement's selfish demands are not voiced on behalf of all of us. So far they have gone utterly unchallenged.

Do you remember how refreshing it was during our heyday to look around yourself and see that you were not the only one thinking these heretical thoughts? We need to reassure ourselves of that again.

We also need to continue to show the stark differences between them and us. How many rapes were ever reported at ANY Tea Party gathering? Now is our time to act again. If we do not act we may well see another harrowing 4 years of an Obama presidency. I know that all of this activism stuff is tiring. It's a pain in the ass... BUT it is what the other side is good at. If we stay silent, that silence will most assuredly be construed once again to be consent again. The left will be able to claim that their patchouli stinking operatives in the Occupy movement speak for all of us and I don't know about you, but that motley mob of selfish anarchists most assuredly do not give voice to my sentiments. Without our boisterous presence as a counterpoint how then can our candidate (whoever that may end up being) disprove the contention that Occupy is the only genuine American voice?

It is time now for us all to resurrect our ire and to step back out into the streets and make ourselves be heard once more. I know, we've been called all kinds of names and drawn the liberal's anger. We've been painted as out of touch and not the mainstream. We must ignore all of that and drive for the prize. Speak to your friends and help reinvigorate them. Pull your local groups back together and be the firebrand that rekindles the fire in the minds of men. Now is the time for our leader-less movement to provide counterpoise to their supposed leader-less movement. It is time again to march and be oh so joyfully inconvenient for the left so that this country can reawaken from the socialist nightmare we've been living for the last three years.

So dust off your Gadsdens, re-don you tricorns and remember, Solidarnosc my friends!

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Blogger christian soldier said...

Thank you for letting me know that you are back-
: - )

1:51 PM  
Blogger Z said...

GOod to see you back!

I think Santorum's terrific, too, but I doubt he could win the national. Still, you never know.
Why would Pelosi lose her job for exposing Gingrich? an ethics violation...as if she's shown any ethics YET?

You have a lot of food for thought here....especially the part about how the media'd love to pain Romney as exactly what Americans are complaining about these days.

And, yes, we need to unite, to show the differences, have candidates unafraid of speaking the truth, particularly to the media (which I think is Newt's major attraction)...but we need to say it in measured tones, convincing, not like rabid nuts; because if we're passionate, we'll be called the names again.

Don't forget, Obama's been all over the place trying to liken the Tea Parties with the OWS slobs...

2:53 PM  
Blogger G-Man said...

Pelosi would lose her job because she's been sworn to a confidentiality agreement in regards to the findings of the ethics committee. Violation of that confidentiality agreement would in and of itself be an egregious ethics violation. As far as people bad mouthing the Tea Party... Big deal! Our message resonates with Joe Schmoe on the street and no matter how much that bash us, the only ones who buy are are the ones who are already in the bag for the left.

3:06 PM  


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