A Correction

It appears I have spoken out of turn. Jan Brewer did not sign a bill into law requiring presidential candidates to present proof of eligibility to be placed on the ballot in Arizona. (More's the pity.) There are however more than enough votes in the legislature to overturn a gubernatorial veto. So we shall see if the Arizona legislature shoots down Jan's veto. Let's hope. I think this is a wonderful idea. If Arizona doesn't end up passing the law, perhaps one of the other states that are contrary to Obama will... Montana Utah or Texas perhaps. Even better would be if a series of states would pass such a law.

Now let me be clear. I do not think that Obama was born outside of the USA -BUT- I do believe there is something on his birth certificate that he wishes to hide... Perhaps his mother named a different father or something. There has to be some reason why a man would spend so much money and effort hiding the document. It will present him with a dilemma... "Do I give up and release the secret I've been hiding or do I fore go those electoral votes?"

Any and EVERY opportunity to complicate his reelection campaign should be exploited. You know he would never give up any opportunity to exploit the weaknesses of his foes. Why then should we be any more magnanimous than he? McCain made that mistake. He tried to take the honorable route without even a figment of reciprocity on Obama's side and you see where that got us don't you?

On a side note... turns out the FEC is still investigating wrong-doing and fund raising in Obama's 2008 presidential campaign. Turns out he's spent more than double the amount in legal fees since his election than he did during the entire campaign. This is something I'm still trying to find more information on though. If you have any more details please do pass them along.

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