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237 years ago, Bostonians boarded three ships in Boston harbor and tossed 342 chests of tea into water. They didn't do so because of any animus for tea. In fact, they like most British subjects enjoyed their tea. They did it as a demonstration of righteous indignation over taxation without representation. It was one of the first acts that led invariably through a chain of fateful events. That chain stretched through years of war and deprivation that eventually saw triumph and the creation of a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

Some time ago I made a post about a quote of mine that is posted in the right margin of my blog:
"While it is true that a government rules only by the consent of the governed. Too many of us have not considered that silence might easily be construed to be consent."
My words in that post have been heeded. We have made our voices heard. We jammed the phone lines in the capital. We've firmly spoken our minds at town-hall meetings. We marched on Washington. We sent letters and e-mails to our congressmen. We have done everything to make our lack of consent abundantly clear. We know they've heard us.

I heard one senator explain that "sometimes you have to vote your conscience" (as if any of them could even conceive of such a thing).

Excuse me, but that is not your job. We don't pay you to have your own thoughts. We pay you to voice OUR thoughts you deluded egomaniac! Your conceited voice is absolutely irrelevant. Your voice reflects just one opinion among the hundreds of thousands that you were hired to represent. Who the hell do you think you are?

There is no more consent. There is just taxation WITHOUT representation... and this time they aren't taxing a damned beverage. This time it is your very life and limb! You, congress, have crossed a crucial line. Do not be surprised by our vivid, righteous anger!

There are efforts to sue based on the unconstitutionality of the law. I'm afraid that won't go too far. There are states passing Constitutional amendments or laws exempting their citizens from the compelled compliance. I'm afraid that too will be fraught with failure. If federal law countermands a state's constitution their only recourse is secession and we've played that gem of a game before. We all know the end of that story.

No one, me included wants to replay the bloody events surrounding the birth of this nation, but it is high time for the citizens to take our nation back from the hands of the greedy professional politicos. They insist that their power is greater than ours. It is not. They have ignored us, let's ensure they pay the price. We still hold the power of our vote. Let's exercise it before that too is taken and we are left with no other options. Mark my words, a comprehensive immigration reform bill, featuring an amnesty for all illegal aliens (i.e ringer voters) will be the next thing forced through the congress.

It is time now for a Constitutional amendment limiting the terms that ALL politicians may serve. There are two Constitutional routes to amend the Constitution. The first is the only one that has thus far been used. That is for a bill to pass both houses of congress with a two-thirds majority. Clearly that certainly will NEVER happen as these power grubbing bastards will NEVER loose the reins of power.

So that means we must pursue the second Constitutional method of revising the Constitution... Two-thirds of the state legislatures must call for a Constitutional Convention to be convened. (that's 34 states BTW for those of us who know how many states there are). This convention would then need to propose amendments and those amendments would need to be adopted by the state legislatures of three-fourths of the states (38 states). If our national representatives will not hear the voices of their constituents, then how about our local ones... Let's rattle their doors off the hinges before it's too late! Let's hope that they still have an ear unhardened to their people's voice.

Oh and while we're at it... how about a Constitutional fix to the question of illegal aliens and anchor babies?

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