The Surrender Monkies Strike Again

We all know that president Obama's favorite hobby is surrendering the hard-won victories of others.

He was all set to sacrifice the hard won victory in Iraq, but our brave troops have done so well that that would be extremely hard for the public to swallow. He'd have to actually march troops in to un-do that which has been achieved.

So that surrender was thwarted. He must have called Pelosi & Ried into the Oval Office to have a serious pity party and tie one on over that one.

The spin doctors decided they could recycle this defeat into a victory for him by instead stealing the credit for delivering victory. Quite telling that they like to blame everything bad on Bush and steal the credit for the good. These are truly not honorable men.

Well then the next opportunity to surrender raised its head... Afghanistan.

That however was one of the first true but unrecognized victories for the resurgent conservative majority. Sure, around that time we were fully engaged in the fray against the health care take-over, but the pollsters certainly warned him of the grave consequences that laid in wait if he surrendered Afghanistan.

I'm certain that he wouldn't have allowed any of his many campaign promises regarding Afghanistan to dissuade him from tasting the sweet taste of surrender there. I mean I firmly believe this president has abandoned more campaign promises (a.k.a. "LIED") than any other president before him. The litany of broken promises is long and sordid.

Instead, he was forced to do a stealth surrender in Afghanistan and just announced that we will flee victory with our tails tucked on some future specified date.

This had to have been very difficult for him to bear. Certainly experiencing all of this surrender monkey impotence must have been quite exasperating. I can imagine him retiring to the first family's quarters to have Michelle don her hulking dominatrix garb then bind and flog him to hamburger while belittling him for being such a dismal impotent little failure.

He had to find somewhere where he could experience the joy of an outright surrender of a hard won victory. It was then that he found one. He decided to hand off our preeminence in manned space travel.

If he truly believes all of the "global climate change" hokum, he must see the necessity for manned space missions. He must understand the need for mankind to expand our environment beyond this little ball of mud. Surely, we must have a lifeboat population on some other world to survive the doomsday climate apocalypse (oh god please let there be zombies!). I mean the whole "It's too late to change our inevitable demise" nature of this premise necessitates such a safety mechanism.

Personally I don't believe in global warming but I do believe in the very real possibility of a devastating extraterrestrial object impact.

In Obama's mind, the survival of mankind is obviously going to have to take a back seat to turtle tunnels in Florida and studying why gay men in Latin America tend to have unsafe sex when they are drunk. His "logic" (and I use that term loosely in his case) behind this decision was based strictly on finances. We need more money for liberal clap trap pork and less for REAL science. See that's why I use the term "logic" loosely.

It is one of the favorite progressive past-times, making valiant deaths of others all for naught...

Theodore Freeman, Charles Bassett, Elliott See, Gus Grissom, Roger Chaffee, Edward White, Edward Givens, Clifton Williams, Gregory Jarvis, Christa McAuliffe, Ronald McNair, Ellison Onizuka, Judith Resnik, Francis Scobee, Michael Smith, Stephen Thorne, S. David Griggs, Sonny Carter, Patricia Robertson, Michael Anderson, David Brown, Kalpana Chawla, Laurel Clark, Rick Husband, William McCool, and Ilan Ramon all have now given their lives in pursuit of absolutely nothing.

Oh, and President Kennedy's vision - scrap that too!

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