Another Clearinghouse Post

There are a number of articles that gained my attention lately that I thought I would post on,

First there's this one:

The liberals in congress aren't just content to impede the CIA's ability to collect intelligence by properly interrogating terrorists. Now they are going after the FBI for listening in to terrorists' conversations. I mean god forbid that we infringe on terrorists' expectation of privacy while they're plotting the murder of American citizens.

Somehow I think if the target were conservative American patriots the libs would have no problem with how intelligence was collected. Harsh interrogation and warrant-less wiretaps would suddenly be back on the table.

Finally, I have a series of two articles (here's the first and second article) regarding the shoddy job the UN is doing attempting to prove the effects of the supposed "global warming" crisis. Turns out that the retreat of the glaciers isn't happening like they say it is. I have already pointed out that there is NO science behind the global warming contentions. This continues to prove that fact How much longer will our tax money be spent to further this fraud?

Oh and in closing, here's a graphic political equation for you that has finally been proven true without a shadow of a doubt (don't make me say I told you so!):

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