The Peaceful Religion Strikes Again

The news is still evolving, but it appears that an Army Major, one Nidal Malik Hassan murdered 11 and wounded 31 others at Fort Hood. Early reports indicate that Hassan had advocated Muslims rising up to kill American soldiers. This man was a psychiatrist who had been assigned to care for soldiers returning from combat who suffered from PTSD or addictions. Now I have to ask, what genius allowed that?

Questions still remain. It was reported that the murderer was armed with two 9mm handguns. Anyone who knows firearms knows that causing death or injury to 42 persons with two 9mm handguns would take quite a bit of effort. It is not something that an Army doctor is normally trained to do. Army doctors are not combat troops, They are not trained to engage in combat operations. How were so many injured or killed with such meager arms?

Further, it has been reported that Hassan had come to the attention of army officials 6 months ago for internet blog postings that equated muslim suicide bombers with soldiers who throw themselves on hand grenades to save their comrades.

Hassan was shot dead by a security contractor, ending his murder spree. The officer was also mortally wounded in the exchange.

I hope this pig died a long slow painful death.

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It appears that Hassan is not dead! He was wounded and survived. Would someone in that hospital that holds him please feed him some bacon and salve his wounds in rancid pig fat! Further news is that a female MP was the one who took him down.

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The heroic first responder that ended this fanatic's murder spree, Kimberly Munley is not deceased. She too survived the ordeal. All I can say is I wish she had aimed better!

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