Thundering Silence

If you click the title of this post you will be taken to the news article that served as the impetus for this post. The title of the article reads, "July, August deadliest months of Afghan war for US". Ever since we as a nation rolled into Afghanistan following 9/11 and later in Iraq the liberal masses lined the streets protesting the war. They claimed that they were "supporting the troops".
At the time, I insisted that they did not really care about the troops in the least. I was lambasted by them. They wondered how I could say such a thing. Clearly they cared about the troops because they just wanted to get them out of danger. Where are you now my hypocritical liberal friends? Where are your protests against Obama's inept handling of the war? Our troops are still dying in Iraq and now they are dying in greater numbers than ever before in Afghanistan. Where is your outrage and concern for their welfare now? Where are the poorly crafted facsimiles of Obama being burned in effigy? Why is Cindy Sheehan not camped outside Obama's house in Chicago?

Nowhere! That is where your protests are. I am thus vindicated. You do not care about the troops in the least! Not only that, but I am also vindicated in asserting that you have no idea how to handle troops. Your man's fat fingered efforts to fight "the right war", the one in Afghanistan is proving that. His ineptitude has bathed his hands in the blood of patriots.

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