Utter Fallacy

The House of Representatives has pushed through a bill that hands Barrack his much desired "cap and trade". All of us will suffer if this should make its way through the Senate. Obama of course claims that the measure is needed to prevent "global climate change".

You'll notice that the wording on that claim has changed. They used to call it "global warming". Surreptitiously they've smuggled in a change in terms. Now they call it "global climate change". Do you know why? Because the planet isn't warming. In fact, it has been cooling for the last 11 years. We are in the midst of the coldest summer in the Northern Hemisphere in 50 years.

In a previous post I related an article that showed that the EPA was using September temperature figures for October temperature reports for large portions of the globe in order to artificially increase the mean temperature.

Science has a central tenant, that being "predictable and repeatable". If your hypothesis can not be verified by actually predicting the future repeatedly, then you have to assume that your premise is flawed. In other words. If you postulate that increasing the CO2 content in the atmosphere will increase temperatures, then the observations do not pan out, your premise is incorrect. In other words mankind is not changing the environment. It is troublesome for the liberals when the pesky environment doesn't cooperate.

Well you see their pet projects are depending on us believing that the sky is falling. I mean they are at the forefront of creating "green" technology. Do you know how one creates green technology? You take a simple straight forward technology. You make a Rube Goldberg version of it that is less efficient, more costly and less dependable. Then you slap a "green/eco-friendly" label on it and ridicule the public into buying it. When ridicule alone doesn't work, then you invent a bogus theory and call it science. Using that "science" as an excuse, you disadvantage the "non-green" technology via legislation.

So it would be problematic of course if one of your top climate scientists suspended his faith and actually looked at the conflicting scientific evidence. Well that has happened. Alan Carlin, the primary author of a 98 page EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) report that questions the soundness of "global warming" science has reported that his findings are being quashed by the EPA. In an e-mail exchange released to CBS news, Carlin's boss, Al McGartland is quoted as saying:
"The administrator and the administration has decided to move forward... and your comments do not help the legal or policy case for this decision."
In other words, "shut up! Don't confuse the public with facts. Just write propaganda to scare them into supporting our stance".

So there you have it. Many of us have known that the science behind global warming is specious at best. I mean when announcements are made about the scientific world arriving at a "consensus". That says it all right there. Science isn't driven by consensus. It's science not American Idol. Science is driven by the ability of a theory to reliably and repeatedly account for and predict the observed facts.

So, if the Senate also passes "cap and trade" they are in effect simply creating a system by which they are leveling the playing field. They are slanting the odds so that their uneconomical, ungainly, ineffective, Rube Goldberg-esque "green" technologies can compete. They do it by raising the cost of conventional technology by means of a tax. This eco-fad will spell ruination for our economy. American family budgets; already struggling with the cost of energy, will be stretched even thinner just to service a lie.

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