A Little Family History For Memorial Day

Some of you may know that I am related General Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain (he's my great great...). Some time ago a movie named Gettysburg focused on his actions at the battle of Gettysburg on top of Little Round Top, an action for which he was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Here is the section of that film surrounding that part of the battle:

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

It is this kind of selflessness that is recognized on this weekend. Take a moment and reflect on the sacrifices that have been offered up at the altar of freedom. What have you done to deserve those sacrifices?

There are so many these days who are fixated on the things that they feel they are entitled to. In truth, you are entitled to nothing. This nation owes you nothing. YOU owe this nation. You owe it your vigilance. You owe it your toil and if need be your blood. We have been so lucky for so long that we easily forget that. We become concerned with questions like "How should I pay for health care?" and some leap to the conclusion that it would be easiest if such things were just handed to them. Of course it would be easy if that would happen, but such thinking isn't very realistic now is it? The answer to such a dilemma is rarely as gratifying as getting something for nothing. The answer is that we ourselves must be prepared for such eventualities. We must save and put aside a bit for rainy days.

The problem is that we are now pursuing such unrealistic ideas at break neck speed. The ideals that our fore-bearers fought and died to preserve are being discarded like so much worthless chaff all in a pursuit to attain the unattainable, something for nothing.

Look at the action portrayed in those four videos. You see men dying left and right. Ask yourself why are they standing there and putting themselves in such a lethal situation. Do you think that they are doing it to get free health care? Or, are they doing in to preserve the nation and freedom?

Now ask yourself the greatest question. Would you give up your life to preserve freedom for your friends and family? If not, then why? The only reasons I can picture are either selfishness or cowardice. Which applies to you?

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