Manufactured News for the Masses

Well it would appear that all here at casa G-Man have survived the H1N1 swine flu pandemic for now. In view of the dire coverage on the daily news however, we have been forced to retreat to the safety of our hermetically sealed bunker to avoid its lethal depredations...

C'mon people this is not a modern incarnation of the black plague... It's the damned flu! About 36,000 people a year die due to the flu, but so far only one person (a Mexican visitor) has died from this flu in this country.

The news media have been in full swing, ramping up the panic level all in an effort to cast a camouflage net over Obama's latest misdeeds and diablerie. If they keep us running scared or distracted we may not notice the handbasket we're riding in nor question our eventual destination.

For example if the holy one wants to discard capitalism... Viola! NBC produces a depression era shanty town in Sacramento California to justify his unconstitutional deeds:

But if you dig into it things are not as our buddy Matt Lauer presents them. Read this responsible report on the shanty town you will find that it has existed for years and that it has not seen any appreciable population growth because of the current economic downturn. In fact it has been populated over the decades by the chronically homeless; those who through mental illness or addiction have found a normal life impossible to lead and therefore have found themselves on the street.

Day by day our freedoms are being abridged at an alarming rate by this administration. You now no longer have the right to pursue your luck in business and ride that business to success or failure. Now if you succeed, you are vilified and outrageously taxed. If however you fail... then you will be propped up, your assets nationalized and the ill-fated fruits of your toils taken away from you.

When some of us refuse to be distracted and rise up in anger... The press again flies cover:

It really is a sad state of affairs. We're all homophobes and racists because we disagree. Moving on along... If you happen to believe the word "marriage" should only be used to label committed relationships between a man and a woman... well then they'll gin up some hideous buffoon to claim that you are a transsexual and sing the praises of a man who savaged you simply because you didn't toe that approved party line:

It is time to rise up people! It is time to raise your voice in unity with the rest of us in the silent majority that find the direction this nation is headed to be unabashedly wrong. We must in one resolute chorus drown out the droning pipes of the politburo's propaganda mill. It is time for us to demand a little truth in advertising. We must insist that if it says "news" on the label that it is indeed news and not mindless agitprop! It is time for us to demand that journalists practice journalism!

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