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I've been very busy lately, but there were a few items I wanted to post on tonight.

First off, I got a rather disturbing call this evening. My father called. My wife answered the phone and immediately knew something was amiss from the tone of his voice.

My father and step-mother were traveling between their home in the Rocky Mountains back to the East Coast to visit family. They had stopped along the way to overnight in Illinois. When my father came out of the motel to load the vehicle to leave he encountered a man who told him a sob story.

My father being the kind man he is, decided to help the man by giving him a ride. Well long story short, the man managed to navigate my father to an unfrequented location where he could be relieved of his wallet and car. My father is physically unharmed from his encounter but has suffered monetary and also without a doubt psychological trauma from the encounter.

Way to go land of Lincoln, preying on an elderly gentleman that is only trying to follow his convictions and be a good Samaritan.

I am resolved that my father will never travel again without a means to defend himself from such predation.

Next topic. This article was forwarded to me by a co-worker. Can someone tell me why Obama is so damned reticent to produce his birth certificate in order to remove all doubts about his eligibility to be president? I mean honestly. I'm tired of people forwarding me all of these articles about all of these challenges to his eligibility to fill the office. I mean if there is no problem with his documentation why not just cough it up to quell the noise?

I guess this is just another instance of the broken promise of openness in his administration.

Now on another note, this one addressed to the folks forwarding these articles to me... Honestly, do we really want to challenge Obama's eligibility? Think about the ramifications for a moment. Even if he is indeed ineligible to be president, ejecting him would only mean that we would be relegated to the loathsome prospect of a Biden/Pelosi administration. Talk about a case of "out of the frying pan and into the fire".

Beyond that the liberals could give a rat's ass about upholding the constitution.

Next topic... Rex 84. Also known as Readiness Exercise 84.

For those not familiar with it here is the politically correct Wikipedia page on it. Here is a somewhat less politically correct presentation of the information.

Now, I'm not usually the type that engages in conspiracy theories. I usually leave that to the mindless Ron Paul drones. But, the second page does indeed present a number of executive orders that can be researched and doing so does seem to support their contentions.

Now to my question. I've read the constitution from front to back more times than I can count. Nowhere in that document did I find any authorization that allows a president to rule by fiat. That is, in effect what executive orders are, the executive branch dictating law.

Answers.com presents a collection the standard arguments that are used to justify the issuance of executive orders, but all of these explanations seem vaporous at best to me. I thought the whole idea behind the blood spilled in our revolution and creation of the constitution was to eliminate the abuses that ensue from being ruled at the whim of a regent.

Beyond that as I mentioned before, the liberals scoff at the constitution... Doubt that, why then are they deploying troops inside our nation's borders to employ the lessons they've learned in Iraq against American citizens to put down the civil unrest that is sure to arise with the implementation of all of these socialist policies?

Last topic. The French recently honored the last surviving British veteran of the bloody trenches of World War I. Ambassador Maurice Gourdault-Montagne awarded 110-year-old Briton, Harry Patch the Legion of Honor medal.

It is always sad to see these first hand recollections of history passing from our collective grasp.

Frank Buckles at 109 years old, is the last living American veteran of WWI. It is sad to see these ranks thinning. The ranks of our WWII veterans are also sadly becoming thinner. So many of these folks have stories of endurance, honor and courage that could inspire and stand as stark lessons for our pampered youth to learn.

They can tell us stories of national resolve in the face of adversity. Unfortunately, I doubt our nation could successfully endure the challenge of fighting either of the world wars in this day and age. Our national resolve would shrivel to raisins on the vine in no time flat in the face of casualties in the field and rationing back at home. We're too busy bailing out businesses that don't deserve being bailed out, sucking at the government tit, discarding the free market, nationalizing businesses and carjacking elderly good Samaritans.

I can only shake my head in shame at the vapid shadow of our former greatness that we as a nation have become.

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