The Liberal Love Affair With Taxes Explained

For some inexplicable reason every liberal you've ever seen has some love affair with taxes. Every time they explain their ideas to improve the world they always contain some ploy to jack up taxes on someone.

Us non-liberals always try to dissuade them from their illogical position by pointing out the wasteful inefficient ways that governments use tax monies. We tell them that government is ill-suited to govern, let alone to administer the distribution of charity donations. We employ every logical argument we can muster and are unabashedly dumbfounded that our logic falls on deaf ears.

The problem is this. Our logical approach is lacking one vital piece of information... Motive.

Liberals by and large do not pay taxes. Either they belong to the low- to no-income entitlement consuming masses who want to consume those tax dollars, inefficiency be damned... OR they belong to the high income scum bags like the ones that we are seeing now nominated to Obama's cabinet... The ones that simply don't pay taxes...

That is why liberals love high taxes... because they won't pay them.

First Obama reneged on his promise not to employ lobbyists in his administration and I guess now his promises to rein in corruption in government. Why am I not surprised?

So I guess last summer when Joe Biden likened paying higher taxes to patriotism he was preemptively castigating the patriotism of Tim Geithner and Tom Daschle.

All I can do is shake my head and ask why the hell we're in this hand basket and why I smell so much brimstone.

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