NYT Strikes Again

I can't figure out the liberal thought. The New York Times recently caught wind of secret efforts on the part of our military to teach the Pakistani military in tactics used to thwart terrorists. Clearly having the US military operating in any fashion on Pakistani territory is something that a large segment of the Pakistani public (specifically that part that thinks Sharia Law and honor killing is a spiffy idea) would be against. The New York Times however does not care that exposing this program might hinder the war on terror or that it might endanger those troops participating in this effort. They of course post this info out there for all to see (click the title of this post to see the article). I'm just waiting to see them post the dates and times of impending attacks on terrorist positions like bus schedules. Perhaps they should ditch their current lifestyles section and start posting halal recipes and hijab-clad women should fill their fashion section. Idiots one and all.

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