AWB Part Deux

I don't know how many people have told me that the "blue dog" democrats wouldn't allow the passage of any gun control legislation and that Obama wasn't an anti-gunner. Bovine feces! Socialists hate an armed public. They hate the idea that they might be resisted when they come to confiscate "nationalize" your property.

Eric Holder, (Obama's Attorney General) announced today the administration's intentions to reinstate the now defunct Clinton-era assault weapons ban. Click the title of this post for an article.

I challenge any liberal to provide me with any real proof that this idiotic imposition on the rights of Americans had any positive effect reducing violent crime. Simply stated, there was no increase in criminality after the AWB expired. There was no decrease in criminality while it was in effect. Banning guns does nothing except impose on the rights of Americans and prevent them from pursuing happiness and defending their families.

Obama ran on the mantra of "Change"... So far, there's not been any change. The only change I've seen is that he's trying to out-Clinton Clinton. Change indeed... I can only shake my head in disgust.

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