An Atmosphere of Fear

Prior to the election of the sainted Barack, any time the specter of terrorism arose in political discourse our liberal foes would lower their crooked, boney fingers accusingly and shriek the words "fear monger!" Indeed we had been attacked. In fact, more people died in the attack on 9/11 than died during the attack that launched this nation into World War II. Of course the libs denied in droves that it was terrorists that perpetrated that attack. It was of course our own government that killed all of those people they posited.

This perception that we were "using fear" was bolstered by the fact that the much hated president Bush had been so very effective at preventing further attacks. Our men and women in uniform had taken the fight to the terrorists' home turf and kept them busy there. Our national security agencies had managed to break up every attempt to cause us further harm. The libs were lulled into a false sense of security.

Well now that atmosphere of fear mongering has of course subsided. The holy Hussein has ascended his throne and now everything is goodness and light, right?

Well no. Obama is trying to shove trillion dollar spending packages down our throat so fast that no one can look under the covers to see what a bitter pill that package truly is! He tries to sell it as an economic stimulus package. Of course no one is stupid enough to believe that a trillion dollars worth of condoms, dog parks, butterfly resorts, gifts for perpetrators of voter fraud and STD research is going to stimulate a damned thing (except for the egos of the liberal legislators that take their seats in the Kremlin of the new USSA). Everyone with a clear mind sees that this "stimulus" package is nothing more than a tool to cram pork and liberal societal engineering experiments down our throats.

What is Obama using as a shoe horn to cram this thing down our throats? Why nothing but good old fashioned fear mongering of course! If you don't pass the "stimulus" package then the economy is going to crater and "500 million Americans" a month are going to lose their jobs (never mind the fact that there are only about 300 million Americans Ms. Pelosi). The economic Aramagedon will of course be horrendous if Barry doesn't get his raft of needless spending.

What is the specter he is trying to avert? Why a recession of course. What is a recession really? In my mind a recession is nothing more than the American consumer getting a piss poor attitude and deciding to hold on to their cash. It really isn't anything more than that. Some glitch happens in the markets and the consumers get spooked and stop spending. There is no systemic flaw that causes a recession there isn't anything that can be done to stop it from happening beyond changing the mind set of the consumer. How does tossing all of this needless fear mongering about positively effect the attitude of the consumer? Simply said, it doesn't. In fact it makes it worse.

So when we raised the specter of a real determined enemy that wants to do us true harm we were worthless fear mongers but when Barry-boy tries to cram a trillion dollars worth of spending and social engineering down our throats using fear of nothing more than a bad attitude, that's perfectly OK! Mass-murderers are not to be feared, but a consumer with a piss-poor attitude that is dire! Right!

The American voter isn't that stupid. Support for the "stimulus" bill initially started out being very high. Many pollsters placed the support level at 78-80%. But as soon as the details of what this sham of a deal contained were released the support rocketted into the cellar. Now the pollsters place the support for this monstrosity down around 30-35%. Of course it doesn't matter what the hell the American people want. Washington is deaf to our pleas! Washigton has been deaf to our pleas for decades and the election of Barry-boy will not do a damned thing but deepen that trend.

Speaking of those terrorists that want to do us harm... What has the wunderkind been up to in that arena? Why of course he's stopping the prosecution of them of course. Sending the message that if you slaughter American service members then you will not face any retribution.

During the election we were not supposed to mention Obama's close ties to islam, but now that he's in office he's running around the world himself touting them as strong suits and kissing muslim ass on al-Jazeera. He is actively proving that he detests our military service members. He counts their sacrifices for nothing! On the other hand god forbid that some muslim terrorist pig fucker is inconvenienced by having to hang out in Gitmo or by being tried for planning the murder of American sailors!

Shame on you Barry and shame on you America for allowing this idiot into office.

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