New 2009 Deficit Forecast

The OMB has released the newest projections for president Obama's deficit for this year. 1.84 trillion dollars ($1,840,000,000,000). According to the US Census Bureau the current population of the United States is 306,409,555. So a little math yields a figure of $6,005.03 for every man woman and child in the United States just to pay for Obama's deficit spending for this year so far (and we're not even half way through it yet). This level of deficit spending means that fifty cents out of every dollar the government is spending this year is borrowed. Here are a few things that could be bought for every man woman and child with that six grand...

How about 1,200 Subway sandwiches or 1,645 Big Macs?

Not into fast food... well then you could buy two top of the line Dell laptops for each and every person in the US and still have $600 to buy some software for them.

You could buy a brand spanking new, tricked out one of these for everyone and still have cash to buy gas for it for a year:
Not a biker, then how about we send everyone in the country on two 7 day Disney Western Caribbean cruises with a balcony stateroom?

It is time for Obama to stop blaming this all on George Bush. Obama sat with the majority party in the Senate that presided over the years prior to his election to president, so he is equally to blame for the state of the economy at the point that he took over the reins. Besides he's running a full four times higher than the highest annual deficit EVER in the entire history of the nation!

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