I Stand With You

While Barack Obama might be reticent to say that he supports the unrest in Iran, I am not afraid to say that I support the protesters. While Barack supports perpetrators of election fraud like ACORN, I am willing to say that the voice of the population of a country should not ignored or stifled. While Obama is busy curtailing the rights of his own people, I am willing to say that I cheer the attempt of the people of Iran to rise up and seize their rights from the greedy clutches of an oppressive regime. Yes my friends, Barack Hussein Obama might not support the attempts of the people of Iran to oust the unjust regime that he wishes to reach his hand out to, but I do!

Here is a video of a protester that was shot during the unrest:

Here is another:

Here protesters attack an Iranian police vehicle:

This video shows some of the scale of the protests:

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