A Tribute

Watching the ongoing misadventures of the current Commander in Chief has me REALLY missing the only true one in my entire lifetime. Pardon me for getting all sentimental but damned Fox News just ran his address honoring the Rangers on Pointe Du Hoc on the 40th anniversary of D-Day and I got all mushy.

That was a man that was able to give a good speech (even without a teleprompter!). For those who want to know... I was on a patrol along the East German border on the day that particular speech was given. I remember clearly sitting on a castle wall on a hill top that was a frequent patrol stopping point because it overlooked a long stretch the border around Mödlareuth, eating a mess hall bologna sandwich and reflecting on the fact that it was D-Day. The thin line of history that led from those bloody beaches directly to my patrol along that barbed wire festooned border did not escape me even back then in my youth.

Unfortunately, our current Commander in Chief has more in common with the former leader of that, now failed country than he does with Ronald Reagan.

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