Quick Round Up

There are several things quick things I'd like to cover quickly:

1.) NASA is launching a mission to the moon. They intend to crash an impactor into the south polar region of the moon some time in October. The impact should be large enough that amateurs should be able to witness the event live in a moderate power telescope. Here is the mission home page.

To this I say, "Cool!"

2.) It seems that Obama is replacing hundreds of dollars per month in food stamps for some laid off workers' families with a single $25 check. Here is an article about it.

To this I say, "How ironic."

3.) Some people have been giving me crap for calling Carlos Bledsoe's (aka. Abdulhakim Muhammad) attack on the recruiting station in Arkansas a terrorist attack. Well it seems I'm not the only one raising this concern. According to this article, there are quite a few folks thinking that same thing.

To this I say, "I told you so!"

Beyond that let me do a little prognostication. Be prepared for a wave of similar attacks. Our muslim foes want to convert this country to an islamic nation and they are making in-roads in that effort. Already many are leaving prison inducted into the religion and radicalized as well. Al Quaeda has been attempting to specifically recruit terrorists that do not fit the young muslim male mold. They are looking for people that do not automatically raise suspicion.

4.) Obama has been calling for "fiscal restraint" and abiding by "pay go" rules. This is simply amazing. After signing a huge $800 billion laundry list of unfunded liberal pork under the guise of providing economic stimulus, he suddenly wants budget discipline?

To this I can say nothing because I am laughing too hard to speak!

Oh and that "stimulus" package... Where's the stimulative effect?

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