When Will Heller Begin to Pay Out

A year ago the Supreme Court of the United States ruled in the Heller vs DC case; finding that Americans do indeed have a fundamental individual right to keep and bear arms. For years liberals had claimed that the second amendment only authorized states to maintain National Guard troops. This argument was of course specious at best, but citing that perverted interpretation they authored tens of thousands of intrusive anti-gun laws that thus far have had no effect on reducing crime

The Supreme Court's decision basically stated that weapons normally used for legal pursuits such as self-defense or sport could not be outlawed or unduly restricted. Since that ruling change has been slow in coming. Washington DC residents are still by and large prevented from owning handguns by an unwieldy permitting process.

Movement is however slowly beginning to occur in fits and starts. A Philadelphia "assault weapon" ban was recently struck down by the Commonwealth Supreme Court. That same court also struck down a law limiting the number of handguns that a person can purchase in a month. Further it was decided that municipalities could not preempt state law.

Unfortunately substantial resistance still exists. Obama's nominee to the Supreme Court, Sonia Sotomayor, a historically anti-RKBA activist, refused to consider the second amendment in a case challenging New York's ban on Nunchaku and a recent challenge to Chicago's oppressive anti-gun laws was shot down by the Seventh Circuit Court.

We RKBA'ers waited a damned long time for such a ruling. It's about time that we start actually seeing the benefits and making use of it. Where the hell is the NRA? We've funnelled huge amounts of money into that organization. It initially condemned Heller for taking the case to court. Of course after he walked out with the landmark decision in hand, they paid obligatory lip service to it, but where are they now? The huge amounts of money religiously sent into that organization by RKBA'ers can certainly fund a lot of legal challenges. Where are they?

Let me tell you friends I think a vision of their own mortality is what prevents the NRA from actually using the money and decision to its full effect. Why fund an organization that no longer has a foe? In my mind, that is why they do not do what we expect them to do. Perhaps if we shift enough of our cash to supporting actual activist organizations with courage such as the JPFO then the NRA behemoth will wake from its slumber and engage the now vulnerable foe.

If any NRA supporters are reading this missive, please call your NRA representative and demand that they get off their over funded, under active asses and retake the ground that they've allowed to be unjustly occupied due to their lackadaisical attitude. Threaten to give you donations to othe RKBA groups. Hit them in the wallet, that will get them off their keesters!

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