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Well to start things off let's start with Sarah Palin. As you probably know, Governor Palin resigned from the governorship. There has been a lot of speculation surrounding this event. The talking heads on Fox have been divided. Half are saying the Sarah has completely sabotaged her political future with this move. The other half are saying that it was not necessarily a bad move. The liberals of course are all frothing all over themselves with witless speculation that Sarah must be attempting to avoid charges. Obviously they are mistaking the governor for a liberal. Well the newest poll of Conservative feelings on the matter is in. Conservatives support her more after her resignation than before and not only that, but her base of support is massive. 71% of all Conservatives would vote for her if she ran for president. Libs of course are hoping she'd leave them alone. Probably because they fear her. Sarah carries with her an air of genuineness and that is something none of their plastic pundits can muster.

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At the G8 Summit, ol' Barry has obligated us to keep average global temperature increases below 2 degrees Celsius. It has already been well established that any temperature increase reported is due to the inclusion of erroneous data. In fact, it has been well proven that temperatures have been declining. Why then does Barry insist on obligating us to this? Simple. He will take the wrong readings and use them to force us to buy "green" (aka Rube Goldberg-esque) technology. Liberals can't do science. It requires logic and a logical liberal is an oxymoron. In truth, this is all about redistribution of wealth. We here in the US are wealthy and that makes liberals cringe. So Barry is set to siphon all of our wealth away until we are just as poor as every other 3rd world shit hole.

Last topic...

The NRA has come out saying that they have "concerns" about Sonia Sotomayor's gun rights beliefs. They say that they will begin to "actually oppose" her nomination if she is evasive or dismissive of questions during the confirmation process regarding gun rights. You see this is an example of why I am dismissive of the NRA. I used to be a member but have instead moved my support to other more active gun rights groups. Sotomayor has already proven that she is hostile to our rights to keep and bear arms. In a recent decision she declared that the Heller vs. DC decision does indeed say that the second amendment is a personal right, but that the decision does not apply to the states. In other words she is insinuating that the states are utterly unfettered in the restraints that they can place on our rights to keep and bear arms. Her nomination must be halted. Any blue-dog dem that votes for her nomination might as well resign from office. Your gun totin' constituency will not forget!

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