My Proposal

I think that the up coming election cycles will be VERY interesting. In order to affect the affirmative changes we require, I think that us Tea Party folks should require an affirmative response to up hold and espouse the following items from each and every candidate we support:
  1. Term Limits - It is time that we eliminate "politician" from the pool of potential professions to which one can aspire. Our founding fathers never intended political service to be one's life's work. There should be a two term limit to all federal elected offices and a 16 year lifetime maximum for service in any combination of political offices in any venue.

  2. Federal Referendum for Tax Increases - Congress has had unfettered access to our wallets for far too long. Tax referendums have been popular and approved in many states. It is time for a federal version of such a referendum.

  3. Balanced Budget Requirement - I must balance my budget. It is time for the fed to do the same.

  4. Reaffirmation of the 2nd Amendment - There has been a very long streak of progressives in government infringing upon the rights of the people to keep and bear arms. It is high time to right those wrongs and reverse that trend. Any Tea Party supported candidate should pursue a full repeal of ALL federal gun laws and the abolition of the BATF's tyranny over their fellow countrymen.

  5. Abolition of Obamacare - Should the dems manage to ram Obamacare through the Congress we need our candidates to dedicate themselves to abolishing this abomination.

  6. Government Motors No More - A bill must be passed abolishing the government's control of private businesses and subsidies to them. Further a law must be passed to prevent any further attempts to do such things again. There is no such thing as a business that is too big to fail.

  7. Across the Board Tax Relief - As long as Uncle Sam is thieving from our pockets we will not have the means to bail ourselves out of the economic mess the government has put us in. Therefore, substantial tax relief must take a front seat even to reducing the deficit and balancing the budget. Besides, it's been proven that reducing tax levels increases government receipts.

  8. Spending Cuts - Trust me, we can do without a LOT of the pork barrel things that the government is paying for. End them. Stop paying UN dues. End foreign aid. Until we have our own house in order, why do we need to worry about other folks' houses? No more turtle tunnels.

  9. Border Enforcement - It is time that we end the flood of illegal aliens flowing into our country. Give the border patrol everything they need to patrol and protect our borders. All illegal aliens should be sent home every time they are caught. Employers who hire them should be punished and suffer the steep consequences.
What have I missed from my list? What should I remove? I want to hear all of your suggestions,

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