Many voices, mine included have fallen silent from weariness and disillusionment during this long dark winter of the current president's rule. Perhaps we rose briefly during the 2010 elections when we saw that there was some hope of staving off the total destruction of our nation and way of life. The time however, is now my friends to speak again and raise your voices in a concert of discontent!

Life has taken me away from writing frequently on this blog, but I feel a need again to write. I believe that in years past many of us spoke and that low volume, but constant dull roar helped seat and then re-seat George W. Bush in the Whitehouse. It is for that reason that I feel we must again become involved, raise our chorused voices and help some worthy candidate to unseat Barack Obama.

The fight is yet young. 2012 is not even here yet. But! We must become involved. We must speak and strive. We must because if we do not, our nation is likely to never recover.

Gasoline is now pushing $4.00 a gallon again. The last time that happened the discontented roar that came out of the mainstream media was deafening. This time... The crickets are deafening. The difference you see is that the current president desires high energy prices. He desires it as a means to enact his radical environmental agenda. This administration banned deep water oil drilling in our waters while sending billions to Brazil to fund their deep water oil drilling.

Our nation's deficits are stifling our economy and swamping our future. Forty cents out of every dollar that the government takes in is spent servicing our national debt. Imagine all of the things we could do with 40% more liquid money in our national budget. If president Obama's past actions are any indication of future performance our national debt will soar to 19 - 20 trillion dollars by the time he leaves a second term.

Our troops are over seas. Now fighting three wars. This in spite of being saddled with rules of engagement that deny them the ability to preemptively defend themselves. What does that mean? If a group of soldiers is being surrounded by a group of armed men, they may not act aggressively to prevent the encirclement until the enemy actually fires at them, and then they may only fire at those who are firing at them. Snipers set up with impunity and aim at our troops, knowing full well that they may not be engaged until they have actually fired their first shot.

Meanwhile a bloody war is being fought directly across our Southern border and violence is spilling over into this nation. This war is financed by the liberal American drug culture and illegally armed by our own administration. Weapons our government sold to drug cartels have been implicated in the deaths of our own law enforcement officials. The provision of these weapons was an underhanded scheme intended to provide a means to infringe upon the second amendment rights of law abiding gun owners across this nation.

Inflation is on the rise and we're teetering on the edge of super-inflation. The only thing that prevents us from seeing the true effect of the inflation we're experiencing is the fact that the Fed pulls those things from the calculations that would produce an undesired result... things like energy and food. The Federal Reserve is printing monopoly money, driving the value of the dollar lower and lower in comparison other currencies. Manufacturing jobs are bleeding overseas at an accelerated rate. As a result our markets are flooded with substandard imported goods draining wealth from here back to the countries where they are manufactured. How often have you heard of cheap Chinese products being recalled because of high lead content or other such deficiencies? Unemployment is still at record levels. The economy they tell us is growing yet all of us know that that growth; if indeed it does exist, exists in spite of not because of the government's programs. 800 billion dollars were thrown who knows where with the promise that the wave unemployment would be held to 8% and that millions of jobs would be created. We now know that neither promise was true.

Our international clout is vastly diminished. No one takes us seriously any more. NATO is leading our troops in Libya. We react to one uprising against a minor tyrant but quite puzzlingly leave the uprisings against other tyrants; those we really need removed, absolutely at the mercy of their blood thirsty rulers.

Our nation's health system is in absolute crisis. I can say this with authority as I am involved in the health industry. It is struggling to deal with the unconstitutional constraints that will inevitably hamstring efforts to provide care. Government bureaucracies will tell your doctor what treatments he or she must use. These dictated treatment regimens will remove any discretion your physician may have into your condition. Not everyone responds the same to the same treatment. Sometimes there are extenuating circumstances that will require the physician to actually have to fight the system to provide you with the personalized care that you will need.

The government is subsidizing one corrupt organization after another to subvert our national sentiments and erode the integrity of our election process. How often does ACORN have to be discredited and indicted for voter fraud before we stop feeding them our tax dollars?

I can continuing pointing out the myriad dilemmas that face us. But I'm no doubt simply restating the obvious.

We need to rise up now and we need to do it because we need a candidate. A REAL candidate. I'm tired of pinching my nose and voting for one simpering semi-conservative after another. We need a candidate we can get behind. Someone who speaks plainly not in never-ending carefully woven platitudes. We are the people who help form the opinions of our peers. We are now equipped with our Tea Party momentum, an existing grassroots organization that can help sweep a suitable candidate to power.

If you want to know what happens when we run a TRUE conservative, have a look at this election results map:

That my friends is what happens when we run a real conservative! (...Really makes you wonder what drugs the Minnesotans and those freaks in DC were on.)

At the moment I'm rather enamored with the idea of a Trump candidacy. Can you imagine the press conferences? How confused would they be to receive an answer as simple as "yes" or "no". They'd be over in record time. It'd be really sweet if he picked someone equally effective as his running mate. How about someone like Joe Arpaio?! That would be a ticket I could vote for with GUSTO my friends. Could you imagine the heart palpitations such a ticket would induce in our namby pamby liberal population? It would be like pure armageddon! I can imagine the effete, annoying nasal whines already!

Does Trump bring baggage with him? Sure, but he knows how to pull a ship headed for the waters of bankruptcy back on course and that is exactly what we need. The liberals are already frothing all over themselves because he's deigned to mention the fact that Obama has spent millions to prevent the release of his real birth certificate. On a related and interesting note, Arizona's Jan Brewer has signed a law requiring any candidate to prove his eligibility for president before his name can be placed on the ballot in Arizona! Way to go Jan!

Am I stuck on Trump? No just at this early juncture he's the one man I can get behind. Mitt Romney... Um puhlease... Ever hear of Romneycare? Pawlenty? Who? Huckabee? I truly like the man, but he's too nice to run the bare knuckled kind of campaign that is going to need to be run to succeed this go 'round. Ron Paul? LOL! Are you serious? You know the dude's a gynecologist... So tell me ladies, could you ever picture yourself letting that creepy troll face peek at your hoo-hah? Besides, his policies are impractical and untenable and his white-supremacist, poll spamming followers just put a cap on it. So that pretty much leaves Trump.

At any rate, I hope to be more active on this blog and to do my part to contribute to the national debate that we will be having approaching the 2012 elections.

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