Where to now?

We are now in the midst of the primary season. Mitt Romney has won Iowa by 8 votes. He's won New Hampshire by the margins that we expected. South Carolina has not voted yet. The conservative wing of the Republican party has flirted with one candidate after another. This flirtation can be witnessed even on this very blog. The mainstream media is force feeding us the "inevitability" of a Romney nomination. Santorum, Gingrich and Perry continue to split the votes of the conservative wing of the party, preventing any one of them from garnering the upper hand and unseating that Romney inevitability. Ron Paul and his wack-a-doodle pack... well they are running about being their wack-a-doodle selves, as is to be anticipated.

We need to get our ducks in a row. We need to reduce our candidate pool and settle on a non-Romney candidate... I propose Rick Santorum and here is why.

Newt Gingrich was a very appealing candidate for a while. Many of us even seriously considered him as an option prior to the Iowa caucuses... Romney however harpooned that surge by sicking his super P.A.C. on Gingrich. Was that fair? Probably not. But it happened. How has Mr. Gingrich reacted? Like a bull in a china shop, like a petulant child pouting and throwing a temper tantrum. He's fed ammunition to our enemies, attacking Romney (who may despite our best efforts, be the only one left to de-seat Obama) with patently liberal attacks. His use of these attacks will be pointed at as validation of them when they are levied by Obama against Romney. No my friends, Newt must go.

Rick Perry has also engaged in these same attacks. Having lived in Texas under his governorship, I too thought him a valid candidate when he first joined the fray. He has however shown himself to be a lack-luster candidate on the campaign trail. I'm sorry governor, you too must go.

My friends we must convince these gentlemen to abandon their candidacies and to persuade their supporters to fall in line behind the only viable non-Romney candidate left, Rick Santorum.

I know, I know even Santorum has his issues. There is no perfect hallelujah candidate in this race. I too hoped that some dynamic figure that made perfect sense would arrive on the scene and declare his intentions. That however did not happen. Santorum is the best we have.

We need to use care that we not squander this chance to free our nation from the predations of Obama. I personally would vote for Barney the stupid purple dinosaur if he were the alternative candidate to Obama. Yes that also extends to Romney or even (god forbid) Ron Paul. We can not allow ourselves to burn all of the bridges on the way to the general election. We can not allow our possible candidates to be so damaged in the primary process, that they are then nonviable when facing Obama. BUT, we must do all we can do to ensure that we arrive with the best possible candidate. I propose Senator Santorum.

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Blogger Donald Douglas said...

Dude, you're still blogging! Whoa, right on!

2:54 PM  
Blogger G-Man said...

Yeah Still blogging, just not as frequently as I once did... but that may be changing as I'm feeling the urge again.

3:34 PM  


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