Pavlov's Dogs

I feel that I must once more speak up. I know I've promised that my writing on this blog would be more prolific. I've tried, honestly I have. Life is what life is... All consuming and overbearing and for that I make no apologies.

I, like you, have been intently watching the wind up to the 2012 election. My favor has meandered like most Republicans' from one candidate to another. First it was Trump, but we all know how that ended up. Then I hitched my hopes onto Michelle Bachmann only to have her lose her sheen when Rick Perry joined the race. Then it turned out that he was incapable of stringing two sentences together in a sentient fashion in a debate. Then my admiration came to rest on Herman Cain.

The more I looked at the man the more I began to appreciate his qualities. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely HATE the idea of a national sales tax, but I harbor no illusions that he could EVER get such a thing through the muck and mire that is our congress. I was intrigued when he first announced his candidacy but didn't know enough to fully appreciate his qualifcations. But as time has passed I've found him to be adequately able in the limelight of a debate, yet you can tell that the man doesn't mince words. He's plain spoken and that for me is FAR more attractive to the polished platitudes of a professional liar politician.

He is not a part of the professional political machine. He's a businessman. He ran a pizza restaurant for crying out loud. His ascendance to the top of the Republican pack has the establishment worried and baffled. Isn't it interesting how they troop out on both sides of the political spectrum to nay-say his chances. Whether it's that vacuous baboon Bobby Gibbs or the ever pedantic Karl Rove it doesn't matter, their derision is palpable.

"This upstart has no chance," they all pontificate, wagging their fingers and trying their best to sound wise...

Yet his lead persists despite their best efforts to derail it. So what do they do? They roll out the ever predictable smear campaign. They know that we, conservatives will react with an primal knee-jerk aversion to claims of moral turpitude. So what do they troop out? A series of women claiming sexual misconduct. How quaint. I didn't see that one coming.

They think we are Pavlov's dogs. They're counting on it. We'll hear the steady drum beat declaring him a monster and turn away from him and head back for the safer, more well-known harbors of the establishment... the same establishment that's driven this country to the verge of extinction. They count on the fact that revelations such as the fact that one of accusers works for the Obama administration, or that one of them lives in the same apartment building as Obama's chief campaign adviser, David Axelrod or that another makes habitual use of litigiousness to further herself will not phase our trained response. Yes, all of these (and I'm sure other revelations yet undisclosed) will not assuage our habituated indignation. We're Pavlov's dogs after all, mere animals... We'll turn away from the only true non-establishment candidate and happily allow them to drive our nation those final few hellish feet to its doom under the steady establishment hand of that superficial Ken doll, Mitt Romney who'll gladly mouth whatever words that he thinks he needs to, to get himself elected.

I pray that we are not so predictable. I hope that we can appreciate the absurd transparency of this tactic. There is no other anti-establishment candidate out there except that trollish imp Ron Paul who thinks "being nice" to Iran will dissuade them procuring and using a nuclear weapon to hasten the appearance of their fictional Imam Mahdi.

The same tactics would never work on the liberals. I mean they happily elected a man whose accusers were able to accurately describe the deformation of his genitals. They don't care about such things, they not the party of diversity as they claim, they're the party of perversity. Even a brief visit to any liberal stronghold will prove that beyond any reasonable shadow of a doubt.

Imagine what would happen if we nominated Herman Cain, a black man, to be our candidate. The liberals have already over-used the appellation "racist" to such an extent that it is now the equivalent of calling a person a "doodie head". How will they react when we call them racists every time they differ with the policies of our minority candidate... Just that alone makes it well worth taking the chance of nominating him. How much worse off can we be? I mean I'd gladly vote for Barney the big dumb purple dinosaur before I'd vote for Obama...

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