Happy Dirt Nap Day!!!

Navy SEALs took out Osama bin Laden Yesterday. Thank You! I can not say that often enough! We all know that Obama will try to take credit for this victory, but this victory is come in spite of and not because of his anemic leadership. Early released details indicate that actionable intelligence was initially gleaned from Kalid Shiek Mohammed's interview. That information was later corroborated during the interview of Abu Farraj al Libbi. This intelligence was then worked by our operatives in the CIA on the ground in Pakistan. Obama of course would have NEVER collected this infromation from these two men and the democrats have also felt free to hold our CIA operatives up to prosecution for doing the unseemly things that at times need to be done to protect us.

It was also reported that bin Laden's body was disposed of at sea to prevent any shrine from being built for him. I hope they stuffed every orifice with bacon before they tossed his worthless carcass overboard!

Now ol' Zawahiri and the traitor Gadahn better be some ducking and runnin' mo' fo's because pretty soon you're going to look like your boss!

==== UPDATE ====

As the news has slowly spooled out regarding bin Laden's death there are some interesting tidbits to share. True to form the anointed one is storming about claiming this as his great victory and vindication for his administration. How convenient that is, considering that he's been taking one hell of a shellacking in the opinion polls lately. Well, there are a few details that he is of course NOT heralding from the roof tops.

Remember how terrible the democrats find all those "secret CIA prisons abroad"? The intelligence that broke bin Laden's location was collected there.

Remember how terrible they find water boarding? The intelligence was extracted using that technique. Beyond that, the information that corroborated it was also collected by these means.

Remember what a terrible intrusion they thought it was to intercept telephone calls placed to terrorists? Well guess what... The courier who exposed bin Laden's location revealed himself during one of those intercepted phone calls.

All of these intelligence collection activities happened BEFORE Obama took office.

None of these things would have been presumably done under the Obama administration. He can honestly only take credit for giving the order to mount the operation and nothing more. A publicity coup fell into his lap in his greatest time of need and he seized it with both hands. That is his only courageous act, an act of selfish self promotion.

To date he's not credited the president who actually presided over the collection of the information. He's not admitted that he may have been wrong about the utility of the practices that brought the leads to light. That would require true character and true courage and we all know he does not possess even the slightest modicum of those traits.

Bin Laden's death is OF COURSE a great boon for the United States. It was a great feat for our intelligence operators fighting in the trenches to protect us. It bear stark testament to the bravery of our troops and it pin points, like a spotlight what an opportunistic leach of a glory hog our current president is. Don't give him and his parasitic followers the satisfaction.

The standard troop of muslim apologists have marched forward to claim that killing bin Laden was improper and that disposing of his worthless carcass at sea was an insult and not in keeping with expected muslim burial practices. They threatened that these facts will inspire more of their insane fellow muslims to participate in the jihad... Well guess what, no matter what we do, you freaks find it a reason to hate and kill us... BUT we will find a way to get you, even in spite of the protection of nations like Pakistan and in spite of any inept leadership that happens to sit in our oval office. We will be avenged and you will suffer bin Laden's fate.

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