News Round up 1/13/12

Here are my reactions to a few news articles that caught my eye:

Article: Outrage at Video of Marines Urinating on Taliban Corpses: A Veteran's View

I always hear about the so called "moral high ground"... I can understand behaving better than our enemies... My question is, why it is always some self-righteous prick (usually some brain-dead libtard who is far too effete to ever serve themselves) dictating (usually with that signature annoying liberal nasal whine) how much higher our moral high ground has to be? (It looks like Yahoo found the rare libtard veteran for this so called "article").

Isn't it good enough to be on slightly higher moral high ground or significantly higher moral high ground? Why does it always have to be nothing less than the very pinnacle of virtue that is expected from our troops?

Taking a leak on a corpse is a FAR milder offense than what the enemy does to our dead; FAR MILDER! ( Example 1, Example 2, Example 3, Example 4, etc...)

Put yourself in these guys' combat boots for a change... How would you react if you finally killed some prick that has been trying to kill you; someone who more than likely has taken the life of or maimed a comrade or comrades?

As far as I'm concerned, unless you've served, you have no right WHAT-SO-EVER to pass ANY judgment. It is high time to bring back the draft. I'm tired of all these stupid, effete liberals who are far too fine to ever serve themselves pontificating on what the moral high ground is for our troops. If more of them bird wits served there would be FAR LESS uninformed talking out of their asses (at least on this topic)!!.

Let's hope for a quick court martial followed just as quickly with a date with a firing squad. There can be no mercy for endangering the lives of your brothers in arms by leaking intelligence to the enemy.

Article: Obama wants export agency, closing of Commerce Department

After usurping the constitutional powers of the congress, why should they work with this bozo on ANYTHING at all in the remaining few months of his presidency? As far as I'm concerned, they should already be impeaching this clown for his actions. There has been no more corrupt administration in the history of the union and no administration with a greater disregard for the constitution either!

Beyond that, we ALL know that Obama's type of "consolidation" will mean that this move will no doubt yield no true savings. There'll of course need to be a new multi-billion dollar website, new uniforms, new letterhead and add in a few thousand new federal employees to manage the integration. Then they'll fire up Carney to spin the facts that "no, this is indeed a more efficient structure that prevented projected spending" (kind of like jobs created or "saved"). Air Force 1 will be spooled up for countless costly trips around the country for even more countless telepromptered speeches about how wonderful Obama is for doing this and how terrible those Republicans are for resisting it.

Give me a break! No additional power for Obama of any kind!

Article: Confederate submarine revealed and here is a slideshow

I found these images of the now fully revealed Hunley really interesting.

Article: Taunted Girl Dies From Fatal Disease

What a pretty little sweetie pie, such a pity... and what an utterly despicable excuse for a human being Jennifer and Scott Petkov are! Just remember, karma is a bitch and I hope its sweet justice comes to visit you two VERY soon!

Here are a series of articles and a single comment:

Article: Ogden Utah Police Shooting: Suspect Matthew Stewart Is War Veteran

Article: Iraq war veteran suspected of killing Mount Rainier park ranger found dead

Article: Ex-military man who killed mom, pets in shooting rampage charged

Article: Ex-soldier from Telford jailed over sex attacks on children

Article: Ex-soldier named in wrongful death suit

The has been an abundance of stories for some time now where the media has felt strangely compelled to trumpet a criminal's veteran status in the headlines. For example there was a shooting in Washington state of a park ranger, then there was a shooting in Utah revolving around a botched SWAT home invasion. In both cases, the suspect happened to be a veteran and in both cases that fact found its way into the headlines about the story. Just a cursory look at the news found many more instances as well. It is interesting that the media does not feel a need to publish the fact that a criminal is an illegal immigrant or even a welfare recipient in their headlines but veteran status is somehow extremely compelling.

It is my belief that this is a concerted effort by the liberal media to discredit our veterans. The problem is, even Fox News has fallen into this trap. Study after study has concluded that our veterans are far less likely than the population at large to engage in criminal behavior, yet the media is trying to build this false impression that every veteran is a ticking time bomb. This is further evidenced by Janet Napolitano's assertion that veterans are potential domestic terrorists. The funny thing is I'd probably bet you everything I own, that those who are illegal immigrants or welfare recipients are far more likely to engage in criminal behavior than our veterans.

I ask all of you to help bring attention to this topic. Send letters to the editors of news organizations that participate in this injustice to our veterans and demand that they stop!

And Lastly...
Article: Michelle Obama Dismisses 'Angry Black Woman' Image

Oh come on now Michelle, why are you so angry about being called angry?

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