News Round Up 1/23/2011

Article: Russian scientist claims signs of life spotted on Venus

Well life does exist under crushing pressures and high temperatures at black smokers. That has proven that life is a bit more tenacious than we had previously thought... -BUT- There has been a long history of hucksters seeing things in the pixelization of probe images... Does anyone remember that lunatic Richard Hoagland and the whole "face on Mars" debacle? That whack-job is still seeing things in NASA pictures.

Romney defeat exposes significant weaknesses for potential battle with Obama

Look, Romney is from the "I'll say anything you want to hear to get your vote" wing of the Republican party. That in and of itself makes his candidacy dubious in my eyes. Beyond that, he's been the presumptive nominee ever since McCain's pathetic attempt to get into office (That was another one I tried to warn you all about!). The Obama reelection team has been honing their message with Mitt as their hand selected intended target... You don't think it's just happenstance that liberal operatives are invading our parks and caterwauling about the 99% versus the 1% do you? If ever-a-wever a 1%er there was, the Mitt is one because because! This is the guy they've pre-built their strategy to take down. Now all that remains is for us to send that sheep to the slaughter.

Article: Rand Paul in Pat-Down Standoff With TSA in Nashville

Now comes the interesting part... per the Constitution, a US Congressman can not legally be detained or prevented from travelling to fulfill their responsibility to vote. How does this play out now? TSA versus the Constitution. This is a duel that has been a LONG time in coming! I'd like to see it taken up by the SCOTUS!

Article: Report: Russia to deliver combat jets to Syria

Well those should come in handy to gun down protesters in the streets... I wonder why Libyan protesters were worthy of NATO intervention, but Syrian protesters are not. The reason it really bugs me is because removing the Assad dynasty should have been a priority ever since they bombed the Marine barracks in Lebanon.

Article: The Broken Dreams of Obama's First Term

This reads as a veritable list of horrors that our Tea Party representatives have protected us from. Who say it's a do-little Congress?

Article: Police need warrant for GPS tracking: court

This was a correct decision. Our fourth amendment rights (like all of them) have been under serious assault lately. It is time that we start reining things in. Is it really that big of a hindrance to stop for a moment and ask a judge for a warrant? I don't think so. Now they need to correct that travesty of a decision on eminent domain... right after tossing Obamacare in the dung heap.

Article: Marine pleads guilty, ending final Haditha trial

Here we see the end of the whole "Haditha Affair". Remember that? John Murtha, (a supposed marine himself) claiming that our marines were running a-muck in Iraq "murdering women and children in cold blood"... What was the end effect of all of this? Well charges were dismissed against ALL of the marines involved, save one. No the libs needed a scapegoat, a sacrificial cow, one Staff Sergeant Wutterich. The best they could do against him was saddle him with a charge of "dereliction of duty". This was a case where our marines were hit with an IED and in the process of reacting to that attack, a large number of civilians, even some women and children were killed in collateral damage. (and of course our enemies never set things up that way on purpose right?) This again was a situation where smarmy armchair general liberals sitting safe, fat and cowardly in their arm chairs were trying to dictate how men under fire should react in the heat of battle. Oh the much ballyhooed liberal "moral high ground"... Makes you want to puke doesn't it? As if the "party of perversity" has a clue what morals are! Listen if you haven't been there, in the combat boots, don't open that ill-informed stinking hole under your nose.

If you want a real education in the liberal version of support for our troops... Scroll down to the bottom of the linked article and read some of the comments left by our liberal fellow Americans.

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