News Round Up 1/25/2012

"Do they really think that President Barack Obama wants to put everyone on food stamps? …" Of course he does. The more people you have beholden to the government the less people you have that will stand up to it when it's wrong for fear of losing their entitlements.

On another note, is Joe Biden really the right guy; considering his history of flaps, to be calling anyone's statements ridiculous?

Article: UK urges tougher Syria sanctions, Russia issues warning

And here you see precisely why the UN does not work. How can an organization work for good when it is hindered in that pursuit by the immoral regimes of reprobate countries like Russia and China? Everybody has this illusion that Russia is our pal now... They aren't. They got bested and their ego is still stung over that. I've stood on the free side of the iron curtain and seen the evil that Communism wrought. Such an evil is not so easily beaten. It is a cancer that needs to be forcefully excised from the soul of mankind.

The UN is a huge waste of our tax money. Why do we support this folly? Name one concrete benefit that has been wrought for the investment of the American taxpayer in the last two decades... the last three... how about four?

Article: What the State of the Union means for your wallet

The state of the union speech means nothing to my wallet. Obama stands a snowflake's chance in Hades of getting anything through the congress after poisoning the well like he has -and- he's not getting a second term either... So the state of the union address is nothing but the ramblings of an inconsequential little man whose only effect on history will be the asterisk by his name that leads to a footnote where the words "worst president in US history" appear (a distinction Jimmy Carter is very happy to have been relieved of).

Article: Big Brother? Google’s new privacy policy creates one massive database of your most private info

Wow sounds like a boycott is in order.

Article: Ron Paul action figures! The best, worst and weirdest swag of the 2012 campaign

OMMFG!!! You too can reenact the true events of 9/11 or the lies of the holocaust with your very own Ron Paul action figure! Or just use them to scare your young children to death. "Eat your broccoli or Mr. Paul will come and visit you!"

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