News Round Up 1/24/2011

Article: Mitt Romney Is the 0.006 Percent?

See I told you that Obama has been precisely tailoring his campaign and setting the stage to attack Romney. Here you see his co-conspirators in the mainstream media setting up that argument... That is precisely why we should throw Obama off his game plan and put forward anyone -but- Romney as his opponent this fall.

Article: Marine to serve no time in Iraqi killings case

I've always believed it appropriate that SSG Wutterich not serve any time. What he did in that deadly moment was attempt to protect the lives of himself and his fellow marines. His squad had come under attack and suffered casualties and at a time like that you can't be second guessing your instincts. Is it unfortunate that civilians were killed? You bet, but where does the blame lie, with the troops attempting to defend themselves or with the terrorists who decided to place those civilians in the crossfire? I contend it lies with the terrorists.

Article: U.N. envoys slam Russia for selling weapons to Syria

Seriously who takes the UN serious any more? Why do we even pay into that train wreck? Why pay over four times as much into the coffers of that organization and what tangible good has that investment bought us? In this time of harrowing budget over-runs we should seriously do a cost/benefit analysis.

Moving on along. I do not trust the Russians. I have never trusted the Russians and my experiences along the East German border (when one still existed) only served to reinforce those sentiments!

Article: Wis. governor fights recall with out-of-state cash

Let's face it, unions serve no practical modern purpose. Sure they had a time and place where they were essential... back in the robber baron era. But any valid cause that they fought for then is now firmly ensconced in federal law and bureaucracies. I mean OSHA, minimum wage laws, etc... The only purpose unions serve now is to ensure their own existence by perverting our political system with money extorted from those they claim to serve. Unions have scorched or governmental budgets at every level from local to federal. They've also driven manufacturing jobs abroad to more reasonable labor markets. If you've met a high school graduate that can not find a job, thank your local union representative. Why should a worker who does not wish to be a member of a union be forced to pay union dues if they want to work in a unionized shop? Why should they be forced to support the political candidacies of candidates they do not agree with? Liberals like to tout "free choice" when it comes to murdering the unborn, but not in the workplace.

Article: Strongest solar storm since 2005 hitting Earth

Allot of people don't know it, but we are one coronal mass ejection away from returning to the Victorian age! The sun runs on activity cycles that span 11 years. The sun varies during this cycle from mild mannered to tempestuous. It is precisely those tempestuous periods that can quite conceivably cause us harm. In 1859 we were struck directly by a coronal mass ejection... a jet of hot gases, energy and radiation thrown off the surface of the sun. These ejections occur quite regularly, more-so during the high activity periods than during the low activity periods. If one of these ejections occurs in line with the Earth and we are struck by it as it passes by us, our planet absorbs a large bolt of that energy. In 1859 when it happened the world was quite a different place. There were no electronic devices, satellites and power lines. If such an impact occurred today, power lines would serve as a huge antenna soaking up the energy from the passing wave and directing it into the electrical grid and any thing plugged into it. This surge of power would destroy large portions of the power transmission grid and any consumer electronics exposed to it. Satellites would be instantly struck silent. Imagine it, a world with no electricity, no television, no phones or cell phones, no computers and no radios... Imagine that world... Imagine having only days or hours of warning before it struck. How would you fare in such a world?

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