16 More Scientists Deny Global Warming

The more time goes by the more the left's global warming coalition is falling apart. More and more scientist are parting ways with the declared "scientific truth" of global warming. Of course we know these 16 will be decried as no longer being scientists, just like the long list who came before them. You can't possibly be a "scientist" if you don't believe the dogma! You obviously HAVE to be bought out by the petroleum lobby. Right?

Look this has happened before. Galileo was excoriated when he declared that the Earth was round. Scientific dogma at the time insisted that it indeed was flat and anyone who claimed otherwise was deserving of any and all derision that could be mustered. In the end... We all know he was vindicated.

The left touts their "scientific consensus" that man-made global warming is occurring but that is not how science is done. Science isn't a popularity contest for ideas.

Allow me to explain how science is truly done. There is a little thing a fellow named Galileo invented called "the scientific method". The largest hallmark of the scientific method is the insistence that a hypothesis be predictive.

You see, suppose you observe a phenomenon and you wish to prove what is causing it. The scientific method dictates that you form a hypothesis. Then based on that hypothesis you design an experiment intended to test that hypothesis. Your hypothesis, if it is correct, should allow you to predict the outcome of the experiment. So you perform the experiment and objectively compare the results to that prediction. If the experiment's results do not match the prediction, then the hypothesis is flawed. Finally the scientific method dictates that your results be verified by objective third parties, to eliminate any possibility of personal bias.

Global warming theory does not pass the requirement of predictivity. They are consistently revising their predictions and models. That tells us that is is not then settled. For it to truly be predictive, they woould need to declare in advance, "we will see a specific number of degrees of increase in the global average temperature for a given period". They can not and will not do that. They'll give very broad estimates which will vary each time you see them.

Another thing you will find is that the global warming scientists are resistant to releasing their research and findings for third party review... Oh no doubt they'll release their figures and measurements for friendly corroboration, but not to the nay-sayers.

No my friends, this is not settled science. No matter who much they subject one to belittlement for daring to state that fact.

Finally, when they claim that those scientists who decry global warming have sold their souls, then I need to point out the true state of affairs. Global warming is used as the cudgel to force us to invest in "green" energy and technologies. So far, Obama has invested over $6.9 Billion into "green" energy companies. ALL of these companies can be traced back to funding his election campaigns. We also see how well those investments have gone. Between investments in just Solyndra, Beacon Power, Ener1 and Evergreen Solar $650.3 million of American tax payer cash has simply evaporated into liberal campaign funders' pockets. So my friends there is indeed greed at play on both sides of the equation. No matter how much they try to deflect your attention away from it, it is a fact.

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