News Round Up 2/1/2012

Obama and the public must learn that in the future our success in Afghanistan will not be judged by WHEN we leave Afghanistan, but by HOW we leave Afghanistan! We've already precipitously ran away from Iraq leaving it in a shambles just to support this president's fragile ego... How many more brave troops will sacrifice their lives just so Obama can eventually throw that sacrifice away and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory? Oh well, he'll be replaced LONG before that artificial 2014 deadline.

Another unconstitutional no-knock raid gone awry, another innocent citizen placed in mortal danger and traumatized! These people are supposed to protect and serve US, not destroy our property and terrorize us in our homes. Who is going to end up paying for this mess? Not the idiot that ordered the raid on the wrong address, we, the American taxpayer will end up paying for it. I support the enforcement of our laws and the punishment of criminals, but the law enforcement officers doing the enforcement need to respect the 4th amendment more and be held personally responsible for these kinds of missteps.

Article: Romney: Campaign 'Not Concerned About the Very Poor'

We'll ignore the fact that they've taken this quote utterly out of context as I'm sure that's been covered profusely elsewhere. We have no "very poor" in this country. What we consider "very poor" here is living in the lap of luxury in most other places around the world. I've been to Africa and I've seen those who were truly "very poor". We are utterly mollycoddled and the sad thing is we don't even realize it. Here's a related post.

Article: First lady pushes Jay Leno to eat healthy foods

Why must this hulking, gauche, nouveau riche hag show her face everywhere. Can't she just be satisfied to sew utter terror in the hearts of the white house staff rather than inflicting herself on us all of the time?

Article: Indiana joins right-to-work ranks, gov. signs bill

Labor unions have out lived their usefulness. There was a time when they served a valid function, back in the robber baron era. Now all of the valid functions that they once served are so firmly ensconced in federal law/bureaucracy (i.e. minimum wage/OSHA/MSHA, etc,,,) The ONLY purpose labor unions have now is to provide for their continued existence by using monies extorted from the people they are supposed to serve to pervert our political process. Everyone complains about Washington's cozy relationship with "big business"... The cozy relationship with big labor is just as deleterious!

Article: Panetta: US combat in Afghanistan to end next year

Moronic! They've just made an appointment to hand the place back to the mujhis. Why have all of our best and bravest sacrifice their blood and toil if you're just going to squander it in the end? Liberals should NEVER command troops. They hardly ever serve (our military is MOSTLY conservative - so stuff that in your pipe and smoke it). They just haven't the experience to successfully command troops at war and CERTAINLY NOT the spine!

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