News Round Up 2/03/2012

This is an interesting graph... It shows for example that in the late 50's early 60's conservatives abandoned their values wholesale. Further if you look at the trending of the two lines... The conservative trend line is rather flat (other than that aforementioned oddity), keeping nearly level with the bottom of the chart. The liberal line however tends further and further toward the top of the graph. This shows that the left has indeed grown further and further from the center and more toward the extremes. One could also perhaps infer a causality to the narrowing of the "out of party line voting" band to this liberal trend toward the extremes. Interesting to see so much truth actually presented by a left leaning organization.

Article: Study says Republicans have the best sex, Democrats the most

This is the standard Conservative/Liberal dilemma. Conservatives prefer quality and liberals prefer quantity. Beyond that, have you seen most liberals women? Yeech! There is a reason god invented razors and make-up ya know! Liberal men tend to be effete and metrosexual... So it's no wonder they can't "do things" well.

Article: Obama touts new jobs numbers, warns Congress not to ‘muck up’ recovery

Don't muck up the recovery? The ONLY reason we have anything nearing a recovery is because the Tea Party put enough people into the House to stymie Obama's blatant attempts to ruin our economy. If he still had both house of Congress, we'd be in a full-blown depression right now so bad that it would make the Great Depression look like a minor economic disturbance. The recovery now is in-spite of his actions and largely based on business' optimism that he will be replaced in a few months.

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