News Round Up - 02/09/2012

Why do today's "teachers" (and I use that term VERY loosely) insist on not being held to any kind of standards? Even a pimple faced kid flipping burgers at McDonald's is held to standards, but teachers for some reason feel they are above all of that. We have spent and spent until we are blue in the face trying to better our children's education. We spend more that every other nation (except Switzerland) and yet our results are lack-luster at best. Yet every time you mention the poor performance, money is brought up. Teachers of course like to point the finger everywhere except where it should be pointed... at the person who is paid to do the job of educating our kids. I am sick and tired of having to un-teach some bogus thing my children have been taught at their so-called places of learning. You would think that an English teacher would know simple things like the difference between "who's" and "whose" or "to" and "too". It's shameful.

It is time to give women absolute equality. Allow them to serve in all MOS'es (military occupational specialty) BUT require them to meet the same physical standards the men do in those positions. That my friends is equality. In the end with the abolishment of don't-ask/don't-tell the "sexual tension" argument has gone right out the window since it is now conceivable for that same tension to exist between soldiers of the same gender. The physical requirements however do not change based upon the soldier's gender and for that reason they should be static and blind to gender. The Israeli army has had this very same scheme in place for nearly as long as Israel has been a nation and it has functioned flawlessly there.

I just don't understand this. Let's leave Obama's blatant disregard for people's first amendment rights to freedom of religion aside and address this from another point of view. Why are we providing FREE birth control to women? There is no such thing as free you know? Someone has to pay for it. So they are forcing someone else (usually people like me) to pay for a woman's ability to have worry-free, recreational sex. Riding motorcycle is a recreational activity that I enjoy, but I don't expect anyone else to pay for my protective equipment to engage in it. Why are liberals so fixated on sex. They always haughtily claim to be the intelligent, educated ones and yet their chief pursuit is nothing more than base sex. The other day there was an article that claimed that conservatives have the best sex and liberals claim to have the most. perhaps if sex were more satisfying for them, they wouldn't feel the urge to pursue it so hard... Of course that would entail them converting to conservatism and we all know that they aren't smart enough to do that.

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