News Round Up 02/08/2012

Article: Hidden Secrets of Majestic Nebula Revealed in New Photo

We conservatives just need to say no to Romney. Every time we fall into this trap where we think we need to run moderates to make independents vote for our candidate and it just isn't true. The last time we ran a true conservative, he won every state except one and the District of Columbia. He was so popular that democrats left their party in droves to vote for him... Those democrats were such a thorn in the side of the left that they are still reviled today. If a liberal wants to call you something nasty, they'll call you what those folks were called... "Neo-Cons". Let's not fall into that trap this year. Santorum is the most consistently conservative candidate that we have in the pack that's running. Let's send him and not the guy who falls DIRECTLY into 99% vs 1% trap that Obama has been building since he believed that we would send Romney out to play. Let's make Obama scramble to find a new tactic. Let's reignite America like we did when we chose Ronald Reagan to be our candidate.

Just the other day we had a huge ticker tape parade for a sports team... How have our priorities become so perverted?

Article: Pregnant Teen Shoots Intruder Through Doggie Door

Score another point for the second amendment. You know all those statistics that liberals like to toss around about the number of gun related deaths actually contain these sort of people; criminals breaking into people's homes who deserve to be shot. There's no way to prove how many lives are saved each year by these sorts of self-defense actions. Well heck, if the liberals can claim jobs "created or saved"... why can't we use that same sort of "logic" when discussing gun violence?

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