News Round Up - 2/28/12

This entire article is of course composed in such a way as to ridicule this legislator's proposition. At what point in our history did it become ignorant or silly to prepare for inevitable calamity? Somehow it is now in vogue to blunder your way through life ill-prepared for whatever may occur and then when calamity does rear its ugly head, we whine and complain that the government should provide for our every need. If more people would have thought this way during Katrina the death toll would have been far lower... but no, we'll just sit in our homes as the water rises and blame the government for our own laziness.

The CDC has suggested that Americans should prepare for a zombie apocalypse... Of course they were not intending to insinuate that there actually will be a "zombie apocalypse", but rather if you were prepared for such a fictitious catastrophe you'd be well prepared for any catastrophe that might come your way.

I personally have been through 4 hurricanes (including Katrina), 2 earthquakes, a tornado and a riot. My preparations served me well in each and every one of those calamities. It allowed me to live through them in relative comfort, feed myself and my family and defend ourselves. Ridicule me and those like me all you want. We'll be the ones eating, surviving and laughing last.

Liberals of course decry this man's ideas as fear mongering, but "global warming", that's of course real science.

This reveals more liberal deceitfulness and dishonesty. Originally a post was made to the internet supposedly showing that an evil banker paid a waitress a 1% tip for a $133 meal bill and scrawled the appellation "get a real job" on the credit card receipt. This was being used to bolster the whole Occupy movement 1% vs. the 99% class warfare scam. Of course now the restaurant has released the real receipt showing that it was all photo shopped an falsified. This is how these people operate and these are the tactics they are gearing up to use against Mitt Romney. That is precisely why we should throw them a right hook and nominate Rick Santorum.

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