Where are you now?

Recent events have me utterly puzzled.  In the last few weeks the following has occurred... 

In Egypt the secular military has unseated the muslim brotherhood backed president because he asserted himself as a tyrant and condoned attacks against Coptic Christians.  The military has cracked down on the muslim brotherhood and has been working on putting down their violent protests in the streets.  Our president has come out on the side of the muslim brotherhood - a group FIRMLY connected to al Qaeda.  They are a group who seeks to install sharia as the governing system in Egypt.  They are also the group that spawned Ayman al Zawahiri, the current global leader of al Qaeda.

In Syria, it is claimed that a chemical weapons attack has occurred.  There has been strong evidence that one three separate instances in the past, these attacks have been staged by the al Qaeda forces opposing the Assad regime.  Again, Obama has come out on the side of al Qaeda.

John Kerry stood in front of a camera citing this dubious evidence of WMD use as the justification to attack a foreign country.  Military planners are preparing plans to carry out the president's threat to attack and we've been told to expect actions "sooner rather than later".

When George W. Bush sent his secretaries out to justify an attack on a foreign country using the specter of WMD's, liberals lined up to scream foul, yet they are now absolutely silent now.  Where are they now?  Have they lost their voice?  Clearly their convictions are based solely upon the party affiliation held by the occupant of the white house.

I told them then and I'll reiterate it now - the time to speak is BEFORE American blood is spilled because once it is, we must support our sons and daughters deployed into harm's way.

I'm speaking now.  So should you.

Where are you?  If your outrage was indeed truthful then the fact that Obama is a democrat should not alter your convictions. 

George W. Bush sought and received Congressional sanction for his actions in Iraq.  That was not enough for you.  Obama seeks no such sanction, as he has done many times before, he has decided to rule by fiat.  Yet that yields no ire from you?

The formula is so simple,  The situation is so clear and easy to adjudicate.  In Syria a tyrant who hates America and wants to kill Americans (in fact he already has killed quite a few) is killing people who hate America and want to kill Americans (and in fact they too have already killed quite a few).  Are you gullible enough to believe that if we help one side or the other that they will hate us less?  Their hatred is based solely on the fact that we are not muslims and until that changes (and we have to be the right "flavor" of muslims BTW) we will remain hated.  No all it will do is further inflame the other side against us.

We are handing these people weapons.  Congressional testimony has shown that the attack in Benghazi in fact was fueled by the local al Qaeda group's (Al Qaeda in the islamic Maghreb) desire to acquire hundreds of man-portable surface to air missiles that the Obama administration had collected from Qaddafi's left-over stockpiles and intended to funnel to the al Qaeda elements fighting in Syria.  It appears al Qaeda didn't like the price Obama was asking and simply took the weapons.  That's the secret he was hiding during the election by the way, the fact that he'd lost HUNDREDS of missiles that can take an airliner out of the air far easier than they can engage a combat aircraft that has counter measures against such weapons.

How does that work?  Obama wants al Qaeda to have weapons, MILITARY weapons.  He sends weapons to murderous Mexican drug gangs - MILITARY weapons but he doesn't want law abiding American citizens to have weapons that just LOOK LIKE military weapons?  On this point the anti-weapon left is also silent.

What do you think will happen to these weapons once al Qaeda is done using them against Assad?  Do you think perhaps they will glibly hand them back to Obama?

I am left to ask  "Where are they now?"  Where are the vocal anti-war protesters? Where's hideous old Cindy Sheehan and Code Pink?  Obviously they're just against Republican wars,  Where are YOU?  Where is your moral outrage at the very same transgressions that inflamed it just a few years ago?  Shame on you and shame on your feigned outrage.

My friends let me reiterate the situation.  There are people who hate us and want to kill us and have killed us killing EACH OTHER.  The only LOGICAL response is to do nothing but pray for a VERY high body count!  STAY OUT OF IT!  It is not worth a single drop of precious American blood or a single slim dime of treasure to prevent it.  In fact that would be counter productive.

Obama, why do you back militant Islamists and al Qaeda endangering your own people?

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