Could it be True?

...That Senator Edwards is known as "Senator Gone". Why yes, yes it is. Just have a
look at his voting record or perhaps it should more likely be called his lack of a voting record!

Nice call Dick Cheney!
Blogger Matt said...

I can respect that the abortion bills may be high on your list of priorities, but consider how you are looking at the statistics Mr. "G". If you just want to consider the votes he abstained on, if that is really what you think is important, then fine. In that case, maybe you also believe the U.S. has taken only 50% of the casualties in Iraq, as Mr. Cheney said. I suggest however that you also consider the many votes Edwards has cast in any judgement you make. Interest Group Ratings - Edwards voting record

9:21 AM  
Blogger The G-man said...

You are of course correct, I linked the wrong address. That link has now been repaired.

9:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have a link to no information...is there something you want to show? Did you actually look there and see what it says?
How about his one: do you know what it means? Have you compared that to ANY other senator of ANY party? Do you know how many people (besides Cheney who can NOT get a date on Tuesday nights) show up? Do you know how often there are more than say, 5 senators on the floor at any time?
Cheney didn't tell you that.
On the other hand, one has the right to be somewhat astounded that Edwards was totally silent on that. The implications there need to be addressed, even if the facts are totally off the wall.

1:36 PM  
Blogger gecko said...

How about a first term senator doing his job supporting his constituents instead of running off to try and be something he shouldn't be.

4:46 PM  


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