More details emerge regarding oil for food...

The above linked article raises some very interesting points.

Firstly it makes clear that the problems lie not just with Kofi Annan's son's involvement, but also with Boutros-Ghali's son as well. What is this? Was the oil for food program put in place to enrich the UN Secretary's children? Can you spell nepotism? One would think for the mere appearance of propriety that there had to have been a thousand better candidates that these two men could have appointed.

Next... the article details the questionable involvement Banque Nationale de Paris. Do I need to translate that for anyone? That's right, all of these questionable transactions were being run through the Banque Nationale de Paris. Hmm, interesting... Isn't France on the Security Council? ...and wasn't it the Security Council that was tasked with oversight of the oil for food program? Isn't this just another exclamation point added to the accusations of French collusion with Saddam Hussein? the article says:

"But he avoided blaming the Security Council, which had to approve contracts and whose key members were deadlocked in dealing with any improprieties on Iraq."

How can an oversight body be deadlocked about dealing with "improprieties"? Isn't that their job?

A final interesting quote from the article:

Sumaidaie: "The question arises whether the secretariat is subject to its own political culture, which tends to subvert the will of the Security Council, this is serious."


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