...and the Magic 8 Ball Says:

For those living under a rock, the first debate between John (the magic eight ball) Kerry and the President happened tonight.

Ok, I'm sorry, how can you believe anything this guy says. Just to keep you up to date, the magic 8 ball is now against the war in Iraq. Kerry claims his stance on the invasion was been "unwavering".

Look I've already outlined the fallacy behind the contention that "George Bush lied about the Iraqi WMD's". If you are too stupid to have caught the fact, your candidate did not deny anything that I said in that posting and the president very definately called him on it. How can democrats ignore the stance John Kerry took toward the war when he voted for it, the stance he took when campaigning against Howard Dean and the stance he takes now? These stances are diametrically opposed! Then he stands there in front of the nation and bold faced lies that his stance has be "unwavering".

What the president says, makes sense. Having been a skiny geek in school, I know what it takes to face down a bully. If you show the slightest uncertainty, they pounce and bullies are exactly what these terrorists are. If you flinch or hesitate, they're going to be on you like stink on crap!

Diplomacy is ineffective with terrorists and diplomacy was ineffectual with Saddam as well. By taking the "I'd have given diplomacy the chance to work" stance, Kerry is indeed saying "We don't have the stomach to stand up for our convictions!". The man is yellow through and through. If nothing else proves that, the fact that it only took three minor injuries to make him cut and run from Vietnam ought to tell you that.

I can cite so many examples of soldiers today, who've been seriously injured, who fight to remain in service to our country because they don't want to abandon their comrades in arms. Kerry flat out cut and ran.

He insists that he can "build a real coalition". I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to call horse feces on that one! Perhaps it's not obvious to those of you who lap from CBS's spoon, but we have a coalition. Do they supply as many troops as we do? Well, no. BUT, did they supply as many troops as we did in the first Gulf war? Did they supply as many troops as we did to secure the Balkans? The short and simple answer is "no". That is because we are the world's only remaining super power (well with the exception of China). Let's also look at what that says to anyone who might wish to join us in our fight. It says "we're not going to appreciate what you do, unless you are France".

You're not going to get the French into Iraq. Want to know why? Because they know the weapons they are going to face; their own!

France was caught dipping their hand in Saddam's honey pot. We're not going to get France to go with us to Iraq, so give up that fallacy Mr. Kerry. Besides, going to war without France is like going hunting without your bagpipes!

I have a few other issues I'd like to address in later posts, so perhaps I'll just give you a heads up for now. Look forward to hearing my thoughts on the UN and a few choice words on the Darfur. For now however, I will close.
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You Bushies are either stupid, deaf or deliberately misrepresentational... well... that one's no surprise. Seems there's nothing too low or dishonest for Republicans to stoop to in order to hang desperately onto power. Funny how you only find this stuff on radical right hate sites and not in the mainstream media. I lump all you Republican Hate Mongers together with all the other radicals in the world who espouse hatred and intolerance for viewpoints and beliefs which differ from your own. How about how your good old boys having to win by supressing votes -- like in Detroit? Sounds like Nazi Stormtrooper tactics to me.

8:28 PM  
Blogger The G-man said...

It would appear that you're displaying a little "hetred" and "intolerance" yourself there!

9:24 PM  
Blogger gecko said...

But Democrats practice righteous intolerance.

6:17 PM  


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