Here go the French Again

I know some of my liberal readers are going to whine about this post but I feel it must be said none-the-less. It is beginning to appear that the French really have a hard-on for the United States. This is not because of the Iraq war either. In fact, their movements to block our entry into Iraq was a symptom of this very same problem.

Recently discovered Iraqi government documents have detailed that the French were going to block any move the United States made in the UN Security council because they were indeed allies of Iraq. By now I'm sure everyone has heard the tales of the French abuses of the Oil for Food Program, so I'll not bore you with that old news. The new news is that Sadaam was actively working with the French to have UN sanctions lifted from Iraq. Yes I know, my liberal friends are sitting there itching to call me a liar and my contentions unsubstantiated, so I'll post not just one link, but two.

Well now it appears that the French are being a little more overt with their desire for the US to fail in Iraq. For example Jean-Piere Raffarin recently called the terrorists operating in Iraq, France's "best allies". Now there's a odd way to refer to terrorists.

At the recent EurAsian conferences, Jacques Chirac suggested the world unite against the American "hegemony".

Further France has taken up the torch to end arms sanctions against the last global super power capable of possibly taking the US down a peg or two; the Chinese.

Let us not forget that every once in a while, the French decide they should rule the world. The last time, it was Napoleon. Now I know some of my liberal friends out there are going to say that life under French rule would not be so bad. To that all I can say is au Contraire!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You want to know why the dems and the french are so happy with each other? neither of there women shave!

11:31 PM  
Blogger Angela said...

Great Post!

12:28 AM  
Blogger The G-man said...

Why thank you!

9:15 AM  
Blogger 'yeti said...

Thanks for the quote on my blog - returning the favor:

"I am truly not concerned about Osama bin Laden." -GWB

Meh, who needs justice anyway? Those sissy frenchmen?

4:44 PM  
Blogger The G-man said...

"I am truly not concerned about Osama bin Laden." -GWB...ah the old left-wing jab. Of course we should invest all of our national interest in getting this one guy. Once that happens then the radical muslim will all lay down the weapons, pick up posies and come sing a rousing rendition of "Kum-Bay-Yah" with you at your peace demonstration. Dream on!

5:31 PM  
Blogger gecko said...

We really should vote for Kerry (chuckle), it will fix our economy, because he will not stop attacking terrorists wherever they are. Defense spending will have to sky rocket when we attack 60 countries at once!!

5:03 PM  
Blogger gecko said...

Oh, wait, the French won't allow that will they.

5:03 PM  


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