"Brave Terrorists Come And Kill Us"

Psychological operations specialists goaded Falluja's rebels to come out and fight over loud speakers today saying:
"Brave terrorists, I am waiting here for the brave terrorists. Come and kill us. Plant small bombs on roadsides. Attention, attention, terrorists of Fallujah."

The fighting this time around in Falluja was described as lighter than the last time we assaulted the city, but we've suffered 10 American and 2 Iraqi casualties none the less. Casualties among the rebels were not completely reported, but are suspected to be vastly higher than ours. One battalion alone today claimed 85-90 kills. Some enemy prisoners have been taken and a helicopter gunship engaged and destroyed a multiple rocket launcher that rebels had trained on the main American staging area outside of town.

With over seven times the number of troops assigned to this assault than were assigned to the last, progress is occurring at a greatly accelerated rate. Troops today pushed into the center of Falluja, fighting from the north down to Highway 10 that cuts the city roughly in half. The enemy had been engaging with small roving bands, firing on coalition troops then falling back towards the south side of town. As troops reached the center of Falluja however, the enemy's resolve stiffened and the enemy seemed reticent to relinquish any more ground. At this point it must be fairly clear to them that they are being compressed into a pocket between the relentless advance and the outer cordon.

Troops behind the front, were combing through the warrens and alleyways, clearing them of rebels missed by the advancing onslaught. Iraqi soldiers searched two captured mosques today, finding them laden with munitions.

In response to the assault, Sunni clerics called for a boycott of the national elections that are scheduled to be held in January.

Rebels outside of Falluja engaged in numerous attacks around Iraq today, hoping to draw attention away from their besieged comrades. In response, Prime Minister Allawi imposed curfew restrictions in Baghdad.
Blogger Carter said...

After over a year and a half of combat, bombs and explosions, NOW it's seen as a state of emergency?

How convient of the Iraqi government to hold off on that one until after our elections. I'm not leading any where there, just making a statement.

My main question is how you have constantly said that the civilians and insurgents have been constantly confused. So, how reliable is any of those numbers? And how far do you have to go to jump from a civilian who hates Americans, or the occupation to become an insurgent?

2:46 AM  
Blogger The G-man said...

...to the point that you pick up a weapon and try to use it...

10:04 AM  
Blogger Kat said...

I have to second G's thoughts on this. Fighting is going on. Somebody picks up a weapon, they are enemy combatant and should be killed.

One of the other sites talks about young men who have been convinced to run into the American lines and blow themselves up. They are lightly armed and die quickly. that doesn't make them something to be glorified, nor thought of as "innocents" but more likely "stupid" for believing such tasks and their superiors just look on and praise allah. Well, allah is cruel from my perspective since he demands such foolish reverence.

11:42 PM  


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