It Appears to Have Begun

Coalition troops stormed into a portion of Falluja today, securing positions formerly held by the enemy. Several prisoners were detained. Other reports have stated that Iraqi commandos, backed by US special forces have secured the city's hospital.

This was preceded by a declaration of martial law by Prime Minister Allawi, banning all men of fighting age from the streets of Falluja 24 hours a day.

Briefing the men prior to the assault, Command Sergeant Major Carlton Kent said:
"You're all in the process of making history. This is another Hue city in the making. I have no doubt, if we do get the word, that each and every one of you is going to do what you have always done — kick some butt."
To that I can only add, "god speed and do us proud".

New reports now in, confirm the taking of the Falluja hospital. Additionally, this report indicates that Coalition troops have secured the two bridges that cross the Euphrates into Falluja. Good to see that my tactical analysis was not too far off.
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