The Falluja Onslaught Grows More Imminent

US forces began dropping leaflets and announcing over loud speakers that the civilian population of Falluja should flee. Women and children will be allowed to pass. Men of fighting age will be held for safekeeping. Sources inside Iraq are claiming that the majority of civilians have already cleared out of the city.

Further, communication intercepts reveal that the leadership cadre of the terror cells in Falluja are desperate to escape the impending invasion to Syria. Unfortunately for them, the cordon I mentioned in my Impending Thunder post has already been put in place. Getting out of Falluja will be a tough proposition.

The Iraqi's have closed the Syrian border crossings and border patrols have been increased to thwart any attempt to reinforce the besieged combatants.

Units manning the cordon have been under sporadic fire from inside the city, losing one to direct fire today.

Kofi Annan has written letters of protest to President Bush, Prime Minister Blair and Prime Minister Allawi regarding the impending attack. Why is it that Annan and Chirac are siding with the terrorists? (Remember these are the people Kerry was going to get an OK from before the US would defend itself.)

Keep the men surrounging Falluja in your thoughts and prayers tonight if you are the praying type). If you truly care, see my Doing Your Part post for a way to show it.

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Blogger Kat said...

I love Kofi and Jacque....doesn't that sound like a foo foo drink? lol

Excuse me, waitress...can I have a kofi and jaque please? Hold the terrorist. Last time I had a kofi and jackqui with terrorist, I almost lost my head!

Seriously, joe over at http://ableandkane.blogspot.com is poting information over at his site. They've been clearing cache's and scumbag posts all night.

Good way to get updated.

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Blogger Kat said...

In case somebody comes over to visit and tries to use that site, it's a bummer.

try this


sorry for the flub

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