Teetering on the Precipice

Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of our lives. What we as a nation do tomorrow will decide our course as a nation and guide the fate of our world. Will we carry on the fight, or cower behind our porous borders, falsely secure behind the illusion of their impenetrability?

That is the question before us. We've all presented our points, presented our arguments and made our thoughts known as best we could. It is time, for now, to rest our case and watch as the roulette wheel slowly grinds to its inevitable outcome.

Make no mistakes, I certainly doubt that it will be over and decided in 24 hours. For that matter, I doubt it will be decided in 24 days. There's simply too many lawyers with fortunes to make; too much partisanship, hatred, mistrust and ambition. We've stacked the wood and lit the fire, now we must endure its heat.

Regardless who eventually makes a concession speech and who goes on to skipper this boatload of rag-tag refugees that is us; we must, as a nation somehow reconcile the differences that have rent us apart. Otherwise, this once great nation will wane as many before it already have. Our nation will plummet into the footnotes of history just as surely as it burst forth upon the face of this planet in a joyous cacophony of free men pursuing their dream of happiness.

We have done great things you and I. We've walked on the face of the moon. We've conquered the festering evil that was Hitler. We've fed countless starving people around the world and brought hope in places dank and dark with despair.

Should we not falter, we have a great future before us. We will cure the scourge of AIDS. We will travel to even more distant worlds in a exhibition of our ability to achieve great and wonderful things. We will bring peace and freedom to more places that languish in the mire of totalitarianism and hatred. The grapes of greatness lie ripe on the vine before us, we need merely pluck them and savor their sweetness.

Should we not falter...

I've heard from many that this is the most important issue that we, as a nation have ever decided. We've pulled and contorted ourselves into diametrically opposed camps. I've helped that polarization along as have many of you. The diversity that once represented the strength of this land now threatens to consume it. It is our partisanship that will rend the stout fabric of democracy that has swaddled this nation and brought it to its mature greatness.

Should we falter...

Is this decision before us truly the cataclysmic catalyst; the harbinger of our undoing, or is it simply another election; just one of 54?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what a fucking drama queen

11:24 PM  
Blogger gecko said...

Let's see. I'm looking at Kerry on Fox saying, "This is the most important election of our lives." I found myself saying the same thing these past few days. It has been greatly over-hyped, but with the war and the new type of enemy at the gates, I would prefer to take the fight to the terrorists than be constantly looking over my shoulder for the security of my family and my nation.

12:06 AM  
Blogger The Cassandra Page said...

I agree with your analysis. This election is crucial and pivotal. Each election seems more crucial than the last only because we have made the wrong choices in prior years. This election is crucial because the mistakes of 1992 and 1996 led to 9-11. But 1988 and 1984 did not seem so crucial because we made the right choice in 1980. Elections become crucial when prior elections bring us to the brink of disaster. Let's hope that 2008 is not so crucial. I will explore this topic further in my blog once the dust settles.

I truly feel that the real culprit for our downfall will not be the divisiveness of this campaign as a whole, but the conduct of one side. This is not very even handed of me, but I believe that the Republicans' focus has been on the war and other proper pursuits. The Democrats have focused instead on attacking us instead of solving actual problems. They have acted in every way as a fifth column bent on paralyzing us from within.

12:15 PM  


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